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1. maybelline lash stylist discontinued

Welp, this wasn’t confirmed by Maybelline, so I am assuming this product is still for sale at certain drug stores. See more posts to this blog concerning this product.

2. 1990s makeup

Not sure why this is a popular search term considering I do not cover 90’s makeup. Personally, I think the makeup of the 90’s was the worst makeup that ever was. The silver-blue eyeshadow, the bushy brows, the super frosty pink lipstick.. not really loving it NOR wanting to bring it back.

3. nadja auerman

HOT.. yes. Old. Maybe? Still hot.

4. bleaching hair to platinum

You will find a few great posts here about getting this look. I am too lazy to post the link, so you will have to find it in the archives yourself. =)

5. dior kabuki brush

This is the only kabuki style brush that I know of at Dior: Dior Backstage Makeup Brush

Top Posts of the Week:
Maybelline Lash Stylist discontinued ???

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