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Urban Decay Primer Potion “Sin” – Not as good as original

Urban Decay Primer Potion Sin

I really wanted to love this as much as I love the original Primer Potion. This product reminds me of so many other products out there.. sigh.. but it’s okay, I’m over it.

I have used a lot of MAC paint, paint pots, and the fluidline products, and they are all pretty much like “Sin”, which to me is a liquid eyeshadow and not really a product that holds shadow on. I also have a product like this from Biotherm (no longer in stores, but online) and Lancome, where the product was in a tube and you basically used it as an eyeshadow or base, but really didn’t have the staying power that the original Primer Potion does.

My final thoughts.. well.. I am sticking with the original potion. It works for every shadow, even creme shadows, and doesn’t crease at the end of the day. I did find with “Sin” that I had a minimal amount of creasing at the end of my work day and I did have to pat it around with my finger to make it smooth again.