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Phillip Lim for Target and other exciting things

Phillip Lim for Target and other exciting things
Phillip Lim for Target
Phillip Lim for Target

This week has already been pretty awesome. The announcement of the Phillip Lim collab with Target  made waves on Twitter. Existing on the internet are only sketches of what is yet to come on September 15th. I am excited for the dresses with boots! I’m already asking around to see who wants to line up with me to cover the madness of the event.. and hopefully buy a few things.

Target and I are going to work together a little bit on another post closer to the release date… ohhhh.. so excited to finally see some shots of this stuff instead of pencil drawings. Banana Republic also reached out to me today to share some secret images of what is to come for Fall. Not telling or showing anyone! Yet.

Also this week, our Fashionate blogger Ali Brooke shared her “Beauty Love of the Week” which was Bumble and Bumble’s Curl Conscious Reactivating Mist. This is something specifically for girls with curls who want to bring more bounce and life to their natural ringlets. Just reading about how good it sounds makes me want to have curly hair. I’ll settle with my wavy thick stuff. Be sure to let Ali know if you’re a fan of her favorite product!

Another Fashionate blogger, Greg K., shared with us his review on products he received from The Motley, an online men’s grooming retailer. He found a new favorite shaving cream, which he claims is better than the expensive Art of Shaving cream that everyone raves about. I just noticed that my local mall has an Art of Shaving store. I have no clue. Do people really shop in there?

I started off the week at Fashionate with a very cute post by Amanda about her fashionable tights collection. Must warn you though.. this post will make you want to buy EVERYTHING mentioned. Ughhh… I can’t afford all the cute tights in the world, but I want to try! My current tights collection is pretty damned boring. Mostly black and grey and a few fishnets. I need some neon in my life.

Products I’m loving this week:

My Inglot lipsticks… can we say HOT!?! I don’t have the packages in front of me but I ended up buying a shimmery nude, a hot orange and a matte coral. If you’re not familiar with Inglot, you need to be. This is rapidly becoming my favorite line of cosmetics because of the wide range of shades, the prices are insanely reasonable, and they seem to care about ingredients a little more than other color brands. There are several products that are paraben-free, and that makes me feel pretty good about purchasing.

Anything exciting going on in your life this week? @kristadior is who I am on Twitter, so come talk to me.



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