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Cargo Blu-Ray Lipgloss with Timestrip technology!??

Cargo Blu-Ray Lipgloss with Timestrip

This lipgloss is for the people who are scared of the expiration of cosmetics. I personally don’t buy into this, but if it makes ya feel better knowing when to throw out a gloss, go right ahead! I personally know by the smell, texture and feel of a gloss when it’s time to pitch it.. you just know. The funny thing is, in the description of this product, it does not say anywhere how long the gloss actually will last. I guess you have to rely on your timestrip to know that. What about just printing a date on the bottle of when to throw it out? Wouldn’t that save resources? I thought we were trying to save the planet here…?

HD Makeup for High Definition Ladies

Haven’t blogged in a little bit.. but I am still alive! Had a really busy few weeks, but I have some stuff to share with you all. For models, actresses, actors, anyone recorded in HD (even us chicks that take digital camera pictures before a night out on the town) you have to check out… Continue Reading