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Fall 2009 Preview – Marc Jacobs and more!

Fall is SOOOOO far ahead, but I really had to share this with you guys since this is pretty freaking amazing. I know people out there are sick of the 80’s revival, but this is something I could see myself getting into. Neon is my favorite shade of solid color (I am an artist, yet I don’t know how to express how to say “I love neon”) so anyway.. here’s the effing clothes already!!

Marc Jacobs Fall 2009

My friend sent me a link to this site called Project Rungay and I found the photos there. Be sure to wear something to cover your eyes because this shit is bright.

Looking closely at the eyes and lips, I see the trend of heavy black lined eyes and nude/white lips. It’s that almost mod, almost 80’s Cleopatra eye with the very pale matte lip. Cute or not cute? I am loving the eyes, but I like more color on the lips. Not a fan of the “corpse lip”.

Fashion Week 2009 Looks for Spring!

If you are like me and you need help prying yourself away from MAC’s Hello Kitty line.. then this is for you.. (and me) There are so many cute things coming out for Spring 2009!!! Nude lips, the smokey eye is back and fiercer than ever, baby pink is back! Now.. there is a lot… Continue Reading