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Tutorial – Medical Tape Assisted Eyeshadow

Let me start first off by saying that I had been using this cloth medical tape method for several years when applying eyeshadow, I had forgotten about it, then I saw a few You Tube makeup tutorials where tape was used, but it was the gift wrapping kind, not the kind that is meant for your skin. I don’t know what kind of chemicals or toxins are in scotch tape (there may not be any, who knows) but I am not using scotch tape on my face. Cloth medical tape is gentle and meant to be put on your skin, it’s very easy to take off. This tape method not only creates a clean look, but it helps the blending process go a little faster and easier. It is SUPER fun to do, too!

Nexcare Medical Tape
I like the Nexcare Gentle Paper tape by 3M. It’s safe for sensitive skin, which is good, because we are using it near our eyes.

MAC Pure White Pigment & Sephora Lip Last

I couldn’t find my mixing medium (Makeup Forever brand) so I thought I’d try something a little stronger, which is Sephora brand’s Lip Last fixative (no longer available). I originally bought it to seal in my eyebrows, but it didn’t do a good job like my favorite Irene Gari Lipstick Sealer at #3.50, which works just as good as Benefit Cosmetics $30 She-Laq sealer.

To apply the medical tape, I placed it from the outer corner of my eye, to the end of my eyebrow (see pic below). I pressed it down gently with my finger.

I dropped a couple drops of the sealer on the back of my hand and mixed a little bit of the MAC Pure White pigment with it. It should be creamy and not runny or lumpy. I used a flat, round, synthetic concealer brush to apply the wet mixture to my entire eye area. It’s okay to get the mixture on the tape, it’s waterproof and the wet mixture will not seep through.

MAC Pure White Pigment
MAC Pure White Pigment

The white matte pigment creates a really nice base for creating dramatic looks with bright colors. It also serves as a highligher color for under the eyebrow.

The brush I used to apply the MAC Basic Red pigment is the Bare Escentuals flathead shadow brush.

Bare Escentuals Flathead Eyeshadow BrushMAC Basic Red Pigment

I carefully dipped the brush into the pigment and patted it down on the inside of the pigment’s lid to take off the excess. I patted the color with the brush at a horizontal angle and worked my way around the crease a few times until the color was packed into the crease.

MAC Pure White Pigment & MAC Basic Red Pigment

It doesn’t matter if it’s perfect right now, you are going to blend it next. Using a few more brushes.

MAC Pure White Pigment & MAC Basic Red Pigment

I started blending with the MAC 225 Big Fluff brush first, in a circular motion, then back and forth, until it looked blended in. I used the MAC 224 for the final blending. Make sure you do blend right over the medical tape to make sure the shadow colors reach the edge.

MAC Basic Red Pigment & MAC Burnt Burgundy Pigment

I cleaned off my synthetic concealer brush that I used to apply the white pigment and wet it again to use with the MAC Burnt Burgundy pigment. I then patted that color down on the lid, not going over the crease, but going over the tape to make sure the shadow color reached the edge.

MAC 224 & 225 Brushes - Trucco Moonshade Eyeshadow

I really love Trucco Cosmetics Moonshade Matte black eyeshadow. I used the MAC pencil brush to apply the color to the outer edge and across into the crease.

Blended Eye with Medical Tape

I used my MAC 224 brush to blend the black shadow into my crease. Once you are satisfied with your blending, it’s time to rip off the tape!! This part is so fun!

Blended eyeshadow look using medical tape

See the clean line from the corner of the eye to the brow? No mess and it was easy!

Blended Eyeshadow with medical tapeBlended Eyeshadow

I wanted to do a fun eye liner look using my Bobbi Brown gel liner in Black Ink. I winged the corners out under the line that was created with the medical tape, and after I lined my waterline with the gel, I continued to wing that edge out a bit.

Biotherm Eyeshadow 425

I was looking for a soft, bright burgundy color to compliment the look, and I found a shadow that is probably discontinued from Biotherm. I applied that shadow color under my waterline area with the flat-head shadow brush that still had left-over red pigment on it. I applied two coats of Maybelline Lash Stylist.

Maybelline Lash Stylist
Maybelline Lash Stylist

Now that the eyes are done (whew! that took a while) I am ready for highlighter and blush. I really love the Milani brand blushes. I found that the brand is now sold in Target stores, so please do buy whatever you like from Milani, everything I’ve tried so far has been really good, especially the eyeshadows and blushes.

Milani Blush in Pink Craze
Wet N Wild Highlighting Powder

I applied Wet N’ Wild highlighting powder above my cheeks, on my forehead and dabbed it very lightly all over. I then applied a generous amount of the Milani Pink Craze blush to the apples of my cheeks.

Milani Pink Craze Blush - Wet N' Wild Highlighting Powder

MAC Violetta Lipstick - Smashbox Pout Gloss - Urban Decay lip liner

I applied the Urban Decay 24/7 lip liner in “Naked” and blended with my finger. I applied the vibrant MAC Pro lipstick in Violetta, and a nice creamy coat of Smashbox “Pout” lip gloss to top it all off.

Blended Eyeshadow with Medical Tape TutorialBlended Eyeshadow with Medical Tape TutorialBlended Eyeshadow with Medical Tape Tutorial

I got a little artsy fartsy and took a MAC Cosmetics style photo of myself. I LOVE the way my lashes turned out! I wanted to celebrate the cutting of my own bangs. I used the “twist and cut” method, which worked pretty good. I found the method on one of those Wiki-How pages.. scary, but it turned out! Hope you guys enjoyed this, I know I did!

Maybelline Lash Stylist


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