Krista McAulay's Professional Portfolio
Yahoo Shopping Portfolio
Best of Beauty 2015

February's best shopping deals - Monthly deals features curated with the help of deals partners.

Beauty editor-approved cruelty-free beauty brands -How I executed the best use of our affiliate links with PriceGrabber, and curated a photo collage using images from Polyvore.

Super Bowl 50 TV deals - Making the best use of an event (The Super Bowl) that causes a drop in prices.

Wet n Wild creates a line of PETA-approved brushes - A news announcement about a beauty brand launch that caught the attention of the brand, and was shared on their social media pages.

How to take a better selfie - How I turned an infographic into a full story for my client at Luster.

Yahoo Shopping Beauty Awards 2015 - I lead the curation of top products the Shopping staff loved in 2015.

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  • Working with the Yahoo Search team to collect data on the current top-searched cell phones resulted in a popular Front Page article.
  • Designed article graphics for hero headers that were also used on the Front Page of Yahoo.
  • See original article here.
Using Search data to create a buzz
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  • Blogs, articles, and select pages on Yahoo Shopping were sponsored by big brands like UGG, T-Mobile, and ProFlowers. I coordinated with account managers and sponsors to ensure impression goals were met.
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  • Managed a team of 9 freelance writers that contributed original content to Yahoo Shopping.
  • Handle pitches for articles and video content, edit and publish all content.
  • Video content publishing.
  • Social media publishing: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Google+.
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  • Program¬†featured articles in the content hub.
  • Keep the content hub fresh and new daily.
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  • Maintain category pages such as Electronics, Beauty, and Women's Fashion.
  • Images curated, edited, and assembled on the page.
  • Maintain editorial content within widgets.
  • Launched two blogs: Digital Crave, a consumer tech blog, and Fashionate, a fashion and beauty blog.
  • Hired and managed 9 freelance writers across the globe to contribute original content.
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  • Responsible for curating the front page of Yahoo Shopping.
  • Weekly/Seasonal updates of featured articles (original and partner pieces).
  • Merchandise modules with products.
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  • Provided marketing copy for Top 10 lists featured on seasonal promotion microsites.
  • Provided marketing copy and content for email drops delivered to millions of Yahoo Mail subscribers.
Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 10.31.43 AM
  • Writing feature articles that promote popular consumer products, such as beauty, with affiliate links in place that generate per-click revenue.
  • Using Polyvore to assemble collage images for feature articles.
  • To view original article, click here.
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Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 10.31.59 AM
  • Writing original content to promote buzz around popular brands and causes (PETA).
  • All original stories contain revenue opportunities with affiliate links.
  • See original content here.