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Best Beauty Products of 2009 – My picks, friends picks, web picks!

2009 is coming to an end, so I thought I’d recap on some of the beauty highlights from this year’s collections. These choices are based on my own experiences with these products, what I’ve heard from friends & blogs, and what I see listed as “best-sellers” on,, and top department store websites. … Continue Reading

Beauty Best-sellers lists, and Holiday Gifts! is nearing it’s 40,000th visitor to the site, which is pretty amazing considering I didn’t start really rolling this blog out until last year. Thanks to websites like, which helps you find blogs, videos and photos of things within categories you specify, (yes, there is a beauty category!) I have had a huge… Continue Reading

Beauty Award Winners Under $10

People are losing jobs, losing their minds, etc. This doesn’t mean you have to lose your fabulous looks!! Check out Yahoo!’s article, published by Self magazine, about top beauty award winners that are under $10 !! Continue Reading

Bird Poo facials in New York

Yes, I’ve been crapped on by a bird before. It was in Jr. High school, where if you tripped over your Nike Cortez shoelaces, the kids would be laughing for months about it. So getting crapped on during lunch hour and returning to class with a green substance stained into your white peasant shirt blouse… Continue Reading

I want a fish pedicure!

I am not really a great fisherman, as a matter of fact, I am impatient when it comes to catching my own food, so I’d rather go through McDonald’s for a Filet-O-Fish or to the nearest Red Lobster to earn my catch of the day. What if all I had to do was stick my… Continue Reading

Review: Buy this.. not that

Buy this: per-fekt beauty – 1 ounce – Skin Perfection Gel $57.50 @ Sephora This tinted skin perfecting gel leaves your skin flawless without a greasy feel, and is contained in a very convenient, lightweight pump.. great for makeup artists and those who travel. The description of the product, as described by Sephora: A multitasking… Continue Reading