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My Contest Entry for MAC Me Over

I usually FORGET about contests that I want to enter…putting it off until totally last-minute, and sometimes missing them completely. Last night I felt as if there was something I was supposed to be doing.. and then .. DUH.. MAC Me Over contest! I totally forgot and I was almost too late! Tonight at 11:59… Continue Reading

My new site obsession – What Courtney (Love) Wore Today

My friends know all about my panting and drooling obsession over Courtney Love. I didn’t dye my hair blonde and blunt cut my bangs because of her.. but I think somehow my subconscious was controlling my latest Sally Beauty Supply order and I ended up with a more “yellow-bleached” blonde toner than my usual platinum… Continue Reading

WEN by Chaz Dean – Cleansing Conditioner Review

I haven’t seen a self-proclaimed “hair miracle” product in quite in while, not since the days of Lori Davis and her luscious blonde locks with Cher at her side as her product pimp.  If you remember those infomercials from the 90s, you will also remember that the product was expensive and “a TV-only exclusive” until… Continue Reading

Chanel Fall 2010 Ready-to-Wear Fashion Show Highlights

Caveman couture? The Chanel Fall / Winter 2010-2011  Ready-to-Wear collection had me rolling on the floor…not laughing, but coughing up hairballs.  I am only posting things that I thought were decent from the collection, you can view the entire collection yourself here: Chanel Show Photos Grab your Furminator and take a look: All of the… Continue Reading

Beauty Best-sellers lists, and Holiday Gifts! is nearing it’s 40,000th visitor to the site, which is pretty amazing considering I didn’t start really rolling this blog out until last year. Thanks to websites like, which helps you find blogs, videos and photos of things within categories you specify, (yes, there is a beauty category!) I have had a huge… Continue Reading

YouTube Makeup Tutorial Slideshow!

UPDATE: My video was removed because I featured the Yeah Yeah Yeahs song, Zero in the background. I didn’t know!!! You can still subscribe to my YouTube channel to see my latest videos.. slowly but surely I will be adding more. Heyy! I am slowly converting my makeup tutorials in slideshow format and uploading… Continue Reading

Cute Mother’s Day Beauty Gift Ideas

You only have less than a month to get mom that perfect gift! Here are my picks for cute Mother’s Day gifts from Pictured above: Jane Iredale Cool Beauty Box ($122 value for $99 plus a FREE eyeshadow bonus!) If mom likes mineral makeup, she will adore Jane Iredale! This set includes: Mini-Matte Finish… Continue Reading

Regis Cashmere Styling Line – Thumbs up!

I’ve been wanting to plug these products for a while now because I love them so much. I’ve converted many hair product snobs over to this line simply because it works very well and smells exactly like Donna Karan’s Cashmere Mist fragrance. I currently go to my local mall’s Regis salon because it’s a lesser… Continue Reading