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About Me

Krista Robyn's signature makeup routineNeedless to say, I love makeup…hence this giant blog.  My makeup obsession started when I was a little girl growing up in the 80s and watching variety shows like Solid Gold. I was about 7 years old when I laid my eyes upon Boy George, who was a guest star on the show. “Wow”, is all I could say. I knew he was a “boy”, but what a mighty strange boy he was! Men wearing makeup became an obsession of mine and still is to this day. I’ve actually had the pleasure of applying makeup on men, both rockstars and drag queens, thousands of women and youngsters, and people just having fun. My mother became an AVON rep and I tried on all 50 samples of lipstick; discovering there was not one color I didn’t like.

Living my lifelong dream, I started working for Benefit Cosmetics back in 2001 while I attended CSUH for Art & Graphic Design, concentrating on package design for beauty and other consumer products. My career with Benefit ended in 2006 when I went on to pursue my bigger dream of becoming a beauty editor. Silicon Valley proved to be competitive, and I ended up being a victim of a mass lay off. I am now working as a part-time retail makeup artist, and also dedicating a portion of my time to review beauty products, create tutorials, and share the love.. my love.. of makeup!


Petey the Staffordshire
Petey the Staffordshire

Besides obsessing over the latest in lip gloss technology, I live a pretty normal life in the San Francisco Bay Area of California. I live with my husband Steve in our charming 100 year-old house. We have a furry “son” named Petey (named after the Little Rascal’s dog) and he is a rescued Staffordshire Pit Bull, Boxer, Australian Cattle dog mix. I plan on including him in some of my blog posts! Life couldn’t be any more fantastic!


If you have a beauty blog and are interested in using my articles or would like me to be a guest blogger, please get in touch! I’d love to help out! If you have ANY beauty questions, please do ask! This is the stuff I live for, so please don’t hesitate to ask. When submitting a question, please try to include a photo if you are asking a question about color suggestions; also let me know whether or not you would like your question and /or picture published in one of my blogs. I respect everyone’s privacy!

 FAQs :

  • What is your favorite brand of makeup?

I love a lot of different brands. Every makeup brand has something special. If you were to look into my makeup bag, you would see a lot of products from NYX, MAC, and Milani.

  • How long have you been a blogger?

I’ve been creating websites since 1998, but blogging is something I started doing back in about 2000 on I didn’t start blogging about makeup until about 2007.

  • Are you a makeup artist currently?

After working in the corporate realm for 9 years, I decided to go back into retail beauty artistry for Nordstrom. I love the environment and the customers!

  • What type of camera do you currently use?

I use a Nikon D3100 SLR camera. I received the camera in November 2010, so whatever photographs you have seen before then were taken with a Sony point and shoot digital camera. I am new to the SLR, so I’ll need to study up on it before I get too crazy.

  • Who designed your website?

I did! I studied web design and programming in college, and it is one of my hobbies to build websites. I’ve been asked about rates and such for building business and personal sites, but I have very limited time to do those types of projects.

  • Can I advertise or guest blog on your site?

YES.. I will send you my advertising rates if you send me an email request. I’m pretty reasonable! If you would like to be a guest blogger, you may either “pay to post” or post one of my blogs or links on your own blog. Please do feel free to email me,  I am open to all opportunities. I also would LOVE to participate in cosmetic tests and try new products, so do let me know if you are looking for testers or someone to blog about your products.

Keep the questions coming! I’ll post them here!