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My birthday look tutorial: Gold Glitter – Plum eyes with hot pink lips

On November 9th, I celebrated my 33rd birthday! I received awesome gifts and even bought myself a gift for my aging skin. hahah! I remember when Strivectin came out in Macy’s stores where I was working at the time, and everyone was obsessed with StriVectin. The product was originally made and sold as a stretch… Continue Reading

YouTube Makeup Tutorial Slideshow!

UPDATE: My video was removed because I featured the Yeah Yeah Yeahs song, Zero in the background. I didn’t know!!! You can still subscribe to my YouTube channel to see my latest videos.. slowly but surely I will be adding more. Heyy! I am slowly converting my makeup tutorials in slideshow format and uploading… Continue Reading

Bright & Crazy Hair Dye Tutorial

I think I’ve just about dyed my hair a million times … starting at age 12 with sneaking some bleach on my hair from my mom’s Revlon Frosting kit. Actually, I am thinking back further to a time when I was only 6 or 7 and I was coloring my hair with a scented marker.… Continue Reading

Ombre hair with extensions using Manic Panic dyes

Ombre hair with extensions using Manic Panic dyes

Hello blog readers! I haven’t made an official announcement just yet, but I’ll be blogging more regularly for Yahoo! Shopping’s new fashion and beauty blog, Fashionate. There will not be any tutorials on that blog, but more of a focus on news and product reviews. You can visit Fashionate here. I will focus on bringing… Continue Reading