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5 must-have items from Charlotte Tilbury

5 must-have items from Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte Tilbury Vintage VampYes, you can say that I’m a little obsessed with the UK-based beauty brand (and the actual person) Charlotte Tilbury. It all started with the pop-up counter I briefly worked for last year during the holiday madness at Nordstrom. I started working at Nordstrom as an interim job while I searched for a job to replace my position at Yahoo. I already had many years of makeup artistry experience under my belt, and as a makeup junkie with a monstrous collection of lipsticks and eyeshadow, I was sure landing a job at Nordstrom’s thriving beauty department would be pie. After accepting the position, I was told I’d be working across all brands, including MAC, Bobbi Brown, Tom Ford, and the flourishing Charlotte Tilbury counter. After using most of the products in the store, I was smitten with Charlotte’s products–the rose gold packaging, the quality, the color selection, and the skincare. I immediately purchased my first product: The Vintage Vamp eyeshadow palette.

Straight Outta Vaudeville

Charlotte Tilbury Vintage VampBehold the sultry and the boiling hot sexy look that is the Vintage Vamp Luxury Palette. The lighter burgundy shade dances around the crease and bottom lash area with a hint of flecked shimmer, while the deeper burgundy color takes you into the night when applied to the outer “v” of the eye. With a built-in shimmery primer color, the shades are easily blended, and beautifully long-lasting. The burst of color that any glamorous look needs is located on the lower left side of the palette, called the “pop shade”, adds a gilded golden effect when applied with a finger or a damp brush. I wear this palette quite often, and incorporate a black liquid liner on the top lid, and a smokey deep black eyeliner in the bottom waterline. A few coats of Charlotte’s Legendary Lash and you’ll be signing autographs the moment you leave your house. I can wear nearly any lip color with this eye look , but I think my favorite lip is a demi-matte peachy-nude lipstick with a nude lipliner. This lip allows my eyes to do all of the talking. For $52, you get four amazing shades.


Here’s looking at you, Hot Lips

Charlotte Tilbury Hot LipsWhen my husband and I were first dating, I discovered that my name in his cell phone directory was “Hot Lips”. When I confronted him about this, he embarrassingly replied that it was a homage to the 1970s TV show M*A*S*H, and the character Major Margaret “Hot Lips” Houlihan. Needless to say, I got a kick out of calling his phone for no reason just to watch “Hot Lips” pop up on the screen. When Charlotte released her Hot Lips collection of 12 amazing lipsticks, I knew they were for me. All. For. Me. When I found out the collection was limited edition, my dreams of collecting them all were crushed. I was tempted to buy the entire set of lipstick just so I could get the display case, but my pocket book was telling me “hell no”. I bought Sexy Sienna and Bosworth’s Beauty because they’re both nearest to the lipsticks of my dreams. Trust me, I tried on every single lipstick in the collection and there isn’t a dud in the bunch. I’m saying this with all modesty–I look good in them ALL. If it’s hard to pick a shade, try Secret Salma (our best-seller) or Super Cindy (peachy nude matte). At $32 each, I’ll just keep collecting!

Hoodoo that voodoo that you do

Charlotte Tilbury Magic FoundationI don’t think I’m lying when I say I’ve tried every foundation in the land. I am a foundation snob, and if you know anything about me, you’d know that I own a $220 foundation from La Prairie. Although it is a beautiful foundation, it is still not good enough for me. Putting all of my snobbery aside, I took home several samples of the Light Wonder foundation. With my oily skin, this lightweight foundation was too dewy, even with a generous dose of setting powder. Lucky for me, Charlotte was brewing up the formula for the Magic Foundation, a demi-matte formula with mushroom extract to shrink my insanely large pores. The magic doesn’t stop at mushrooms–hyaluronic acid will fill your skin with moisture and plump up lines while the full coverage formula will cover all imperfections. It certainly does last on my skin, even though it contains a little bit of oil (one of the last ingredients). I don’t mind oil…oil is nothing to be scared of. The finish is so natural-looking, even if I use a powder on top to set it. I don’t think any of my customers have passed on buying this after trying it on in the store. It truly leaves a flawless and lasting finish at a nice department store price of $44.

Karma Chameleon

IColour Chameleon Charlotte Tilburyf you love the look of a smokey eye, but hate the powder fall out or lack the skills to create one, the Colour Chameleon eyeshadow sticks are just for you. Long-lasting (see Instagram video above), smudge-proof, fool proof, these sticks will cut your morning eyeshadow routine in half. Just draw the pencil on your lower lid and blend with a finger or a fluffy eyeshadow brush within 20 seconds before it sets. All of these sticks have shimmer and are highly reflective, some less than others. My favorite shades are Champagne Diamonds and Black Diamonds. I love the big chunky glitter effects from both of those. Life has been easier using these sticks since I don’t need much time to make an amazing look happen. Here’s a video from Wayne Goss swatching the Color Chameleon pencils for your viewing enjoyment! These sticks will run you a mere $27 each, which is a steal!

To the left is an eye color guide to help you choose the best shade to suit you. With my light blue eye color, I’ve found that these shades are neutral enough for me to wear them all. Amber Haze looks great on just about everyone.


Ain’t got time to wait!

Charlotte Tilbury Magic CreamWho doesn’t love instant results from a skincare product? I certainly hate waiting weeks for a product to do its thing, and sometimes it doesn’t do anything at all after I’ve used it for several months. Behold Charlotte’s infamous Magic Cream–the cream that gives the skin instant glowing results. The number one question that customers ask is: Why do they call it “magic”? Well, just like a magic show magician, they wave a magic wand and  either doves appear or his assistant’s outfit changes into a different color (you get the picture). The results are instant, just like you waved a magic wand in front of your face and asked for amazing supple skin. The BioNymph peptide complex is where the anti-aging lies–it stimulates collagen production and cell energy and fights free radicals, to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and smooth the skin. The hyaluronic acid seals in the skin’s moisture while Wild Pansy helps promote production of your own hyaluronic acid to plump up fine lines and wrinkles. Extracts of Frangipani give you the baby smooth skin you have always searched for with other moisturizers. Then you’ve got your SPF 15 to fight off that pesky sun damage. You’ll pay $100 for a jar of this stuff, but it will certainly last you several months. And please, do NOT forget your neck! See Charlotte work her magic with Magic Cream in a quick video here.

Are you ready to try a little bit of magic yet? Don’t hesitate to ask me any questions regarding these products or how to buy. You can purchase Charlotte Tilbury through me by calling the Valley Fair Nordstrom location 408.248.2180 and ask for Krista.