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Irresistible Me 20″ Volume Vixen clip-in extensions review

Irresistible Me 20″ Volume Vixen clip-in extensions review

irresistible-me-extensionsWhen it comes to extensions, I’ve tried almost every kind you can think of. First I tried the microbeading technique, and it was more maintenance than I anticipated. I ended up having little rasta dreads hiding underneath each bead and after a while, I lost a lot of my hair. The second attempt is when I had the wefts sewn into my hair. Sleeping the first two nights never happened. It was awful. Again, my hair dreaded into a mess that had to be CUT out, leaving me with one inch pieces of hair in the back. Not cute. My third and last attempt at permanent extensions was the tape method, but the tape ended up slipping and coming off after my second hair wash, and it left tape glue on the roots of my hair that took a VERY long time to get out, even with the glue removal oil (which is probably just Goo Gone!). I gave up and bought a halo extension piece for my wedding, which was amazing, but it wasn’t enough hair to suit my needs or match up with the volume of hair on my actual head. Halo extensions seem to have no movement as you turn your head, and I sometimes felt like it was going to fall out. That is pretty much when I gave up and started wearing my hair in a bun for all of eternity (or at least to the point when my hair returned to a longer length).

After all of the torture and sleepless nights itching my wefts with crochet hooks, I started looking at Instagram closely and girls with good hair. “That can’t be her hair.” I thought as I looked at the luscious locks of popular Instagrammer beauty gurus. I watched a few YouTube videos, and after hearing a few bad things about the brand I almost bought, I ended up going with Irresistible Me because of the fact that I was going to get 20 inches and 260 grams of hair for $279.20! I purchased Honey Blonde because I knew I was going to end up dying them my signature coral red shade as soon as they arrived.

It took about two weeks for delivery. When I got them, I was extremely pleased with everything! The hair is 100% Indian Remy hair. It is THICK all the way to the very tips. The combs are of high quality and are sewn onto the wefts. The details of what comes in the bag: 260g set (10 pieces) – 1 pc of 4 clips (7.5″ across), 2 pcs of 3 clips (6″ across), 5 pcs of 2 clips (4″ across), 2 pcs of 1 clip (1.2″ across). This is more than enough hair! The hair is straight and very soft and smooth.

I did have difficulty dying the hair. The hair seems to have a coating on it, so using my deposit-only hair color was not strong enough to penetrate. I used Adore brand hair dye in Truly Red, Hot Pink, and Ginger. I mixed all of the colors (using 2 parts Hot Pink, 1 part Truly Red, and 1 part Ginger) along with about 1/4 cup of my favorite hair conditioner to dilute the color. This is the same mixture I used on my real hair while I dyed the extensions. I held up each piece of hair with a gloved hand and painted the dye mixture on damp hair. I did not shampoo the extensions, and I think I should have! Shampooing probably releases the special coating. I left the dye on the extensions for about 3 hours. On my own head, I left it on for about an hour and a half. I rinsed my hair, then the extensions later on. I didn’t use anything else on the extensions. I wanted to use a heat protector, but I had forgotten.

I used a low heat setting on my hair dryer and dried each weft one by one. The hair tends to get wavy (natural wave, I’m guessing), and looks very beachy as it dries. The color was VERY uneven, but it left a watercolor effect and I actually like it that way. If I preferred one color, I would have dyed it again, but I am pretty satisfied with the variants of colors that it left!

I used a 1 inch curling iron on my natural hair first. I started at the nape of the neck and sectioned off a piece that was one inch above from the bottom of my hair line. I used the 2-clip weft, made another one-inch section above that and used  a 3-clip weft. I went about level with the tops of my ears to place the 4-clip weft in, then placed another 3-clip weft in above that one. I placed one 2-clip weft on each side of my head and I was DONE.

The hair is magical, majestic, and if you don’t mind a million compliments, then this hair is for you.

There are a few issues I wish to address: Tangles. I wear my hair to work for about 5-7 hours and take it off right when I get home. As I take it out, the combs snag on knots and tangles, making it a little painful to remove. Once all hair is removed, there are knots towards the top of the combs. Luckily, the knots are very easy to brush out. I have NOT had to re-curl the hair at all, which is a bonus. Another issue is that my natural hair fades faster than the extension hair since I do not wash the extensions. I’ll have to keep up with the color on my own hair in order for it to match. Kind of a bummer, but at least I do not have to mess with the extension hair as far as washing and dying  goes.

If you order now (during the Memorial Day sale), the hair has been placed at 25% off!