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Skincare review for RéVive, created by a Harvard-trained plastic and reconstructive surgeon

Skincare review for RéVive, created by a Harvard-trained plastic and reconstructive surgeon

ReVive Renewal CreamSince October of 2015, I’ve entered the world of luxury skincare and cosmetics to treat my oily acne-prone skin. Once I passed the age of 35 and still experienced overactive sebum excretion and cystic acne, I decided to give up on trying the latest in acne medications and focus on finding full coverage foundations to cover my flawed complexion. When I became annoyed with the lengthy task of makeup, removal and clogged pores, I then decided it was time to explore high end skincare.

As I’ve posted in the past, I used AmorePacific (Korean skincare brand), and saw great results with their treatment line. I took my skincare regimen a bit further with the addition of  RéVive, an American-based skincare line created by Harvard-trained plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Gregory Brown. Dr. Brown states that with daily use of RéVive, the products “will ultimately decrease the magnitude of any surgical procedure ever desired or needed.” These sound like big claims, so I took it upon myself to pamper my skin with RéVive, seeing and feeling results within the first few days.

ReVive Gel CleanserRéVive Gel Cleanser -$75 for 6 oz.

This totally luxurious cucumber-powered cleanser is designed to sweep away oil and impurities while giving it a dose of hydration. I used way too much product during my initial use. You only need a small pea-sized drop of the cleanser, and I can imagine you may need less if you use a facial cleansing device. After rinsing, my face indeed felt hydrated and not stripped or tight.

ReVive Balancing TonerRéVive Balancing Toner – $65

This alcohol-free toner feels ultra refreshing on the skin while it removes impurities from the water you last used on your face to cleanse, and balances the environment of your skin, preparing it for the next steps of your routine. Aloe and Witch Hazel work together to soothe and tone. I just love the way this toner feels — cold and calming. Again, I think I use way too much of this toner on the cotton ball. Just a little dab will cover the entire face and neck.

ReVive Les Yeux PresseRéVive Les Yeux Pressé – $195 for 0.5 oz

If you haven’t had good luck with any firming eye products, this will be your last stop. Instant firming is what I experienced when I first tried this serum-like product, and I received several benefits from the initial use. First, I felt a cooling feeling around my eyes, and as the product dried, I felt the firmness. My eyeshadow looked smoother, my under eye area needed less concealer, and my eyelids alone looked less puffy and more taught. Over time, this product is designed to brighten and serve major anti-aging benefits for your eyes. Out of all of the product I’ve tried so far, this one is the most impressive of the batch.

Don’t forget that you can also use this under your favorite eye cream as you will still need to moisturize. You can use this eye treatment AM and PM.

RéVive Moisturizing Renewal CreamReVive Renewal Cream (Suprême for Normal to Dry) (NIGHT) – $195 for 2 oz.

Designed for all skin types to wear at night, the Renewal Cream retextures and dramatically renews the skin while you sleep. You wake up to a brighter and glowing complexion that increases in gorgeousness with continued use. The first time I used this cream, I felt the sting of the glycolic acid going to work. The texture of this cream feels ultra luxurious as you massage it in, and what is even more luxurious is your skin the following morning! I noticed a visible reduction of fine lines (I have very faint fine lines, but I’m trying to combat them while they’re still small), and my overall complexion was even and without a trace of redness or irritation. I washed my face with the ReVive cleanser and started the regimen all over again, minus the renewal cream which will have to wait until nighttime again.

I will continue to update as I try more from the ReVive line, but my overall analysis and first impression is definitely a positive one. I am absolutely one of those people who don’t like to wait to see results, and I feel that I didn’t have to wait to be impressed with the performance.

To purchase ReVive skincare directly, please ask the operator to route your call to the ReVive skincare counter at Nordstrom Valley Fair in San Jose, CA. (408) 248-2180


* Disclaimer: I received the products as gratis directly from a ReVive representative and was not sponsored to blog regarding these products. As always, I try to inform my readers of any warning flags. As far as I know, ReVive has an unknown cruelty-free status ( I will ask), and I found that the toner contains parabens.

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