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Makeup loves for the month of April 2016

Makeup loves for the month of April 2016

Tom Ford Lip Color ShineSorry so late with my makeup loves post! I assure you that you will not want to miss this issue. I’ve got some LOVELY bargain beauty products that deliver million dollar results. Stay with me! I will put the cruelty-free information at the bottom of the post.

Is it possible to recognize an expensive lipstick? Absolutely. After working at the Tom Ford counter a few times, I have developed a keen eye for the velvety texture that adorns the lips of my clients. A few times I’ve been surprised by the response, “No, it’s Kylie Jenner’s Lip Kit.” Lawd, save me from that Candy K! It looks really good, you guys.. really good. But enough about that until I get one for myself, and I’m not about to download that damned app to get one. Instead, I treated myself to Tom Ford’s luxurious and expensive Lip Color Shine in the color Insidious. I spent $52 on this gem, and did I find it different from products like Baby Lips from Maybelline? Umm yah!!! You can absolutely feel the difference in quality and texture compared to any other sheer balm-like lipstick. This lipstick contains soja seed extract, Brazilian murumuru butter and chamomilla flower oil–fancy stuff to keep your lips moisturized and supple.  Do I feel expensive, or look expensive? Hell yeah.

Armani Lip MaestroIf you’re not so much into the shiny look, and are more of a matte chic chick, you’ll have to swing by the Armani counter to try the Lip Maestro lip stains. $38 isn’t too much to spend if you want quality and quantity from a lip color. There are plenty of shocking shades to choose from.

Bobbi Brown has some new morsels of goodness awaiting your brows. The new Long-Wear Brow Gel goes on like any pot-type eye brow product, but this is a true gel. It is a little sheer, so it works well on those with brow hairs, but just need some color and fullness. This didn’t work on my clients with bald brows (like me!). A truly unique product that works well. Another great product that calls itself home to the Bobbi Brown collection. I also suggest the new Bobbi Brown Dual-Ended Brow Definer Brush.. it works excellent with creme and gel products.

OribeI finally splurged on a hair product I’ve wanted to try for QUITE some time now. Oribe’s Conditioner for Beautiful Color is all I could get my hands on when I went to Planet Beauty to buy the collection. Just the conditioner alone is impressive. I continue to use my beloved Shea Moisture Raw Shea Moisture Retention Shampoo while I wait for the Oribe shampoo to go back in stock at PB. The way my hair feels after I condition it is like a silky straight horses mane.. haha. I don’t have straight hair! My hair is wavy, but it goes straight with this conditioner.

e.l.f. Sculpting BrushNow for my bargain picks for the month. I am not kidding when I say bargain. The affordable drugstore brand e.l.f. has done good with its new family of makeup brushes–some ringing up at only $1 each. My favorite of all is the e.l.f. Sculpting Face Brush for $6. I’ve paid upwards of $30 for a brush that didn’t perform as well as this one. I use this brush with my Anastasia Cream Contour Kit and it applies and blends the cream like a dream. And no smoky eye is complete without the $1 e.l.f. Crease Brush to create those sultry crease colors and smudged lash line looks. I got a ton more that I have added to my collection–see the e.l.f. brush collections here.

vivid-matteJust today I picked up the Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid to compare it to the Milani matte liquid lipstick. NOTHING like it. In fact, the Maybelline version is NOT MATTE in texture. It is like a creamy lip gloss texture. I purchased the color #5 Nude Thrill and it is nicely pigmented, smells cheap, feels expensive. I love the texture a lot, but I feel like they are misrepresenting the word “matte”.

That’s it for April! How are you loving your spring so far? It is raining here!


Cruelty-free: Oribe products! YIPPIIIEEE! Shea Moisture! Duh…that’s why I love this brand. E.L.F. is also cruelty-free, but a lot of their brushes are not vegan. I have a blend of both types of brushes.

Not cruelty-free : Tom Ford (I occasionally do makeup for the brand, so I ended up purchasing a product to test on myself. Hoping the brand will go CF soon since Charlotte Tilbury is). Armani (I received my Lip Maestro as a gratis). Bobbi Brown (Damn it, why. I frequently work for this brand and I love everything. Why, Bobbi!??!?) Maybelline. I tried to remind myself not to buy this brand again, but I remember how well their lipstick performed on me and I was curious to try these matte colors… which were NOT matte. Goodbye Maybelline!

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