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Oil cleanser for oily skin? I say yes.

Oil cleanser for oily skin? I say yes.

Peace Rose Oil Complex Sensitive Skin Facial Cleansing Oil
Shea Moisture Peace Rose Oil Complex Sensitive Skin Facial Cleansing Oil

Time and time again I see clients using luxury skincare, spending over $1200 on their La Mer or SK II routine, and still have bad skin. What good is slathering on a heavy moisturizer when you have clogged pores that you have done nothing about? Moisturizing your blackheads will not make them go away. Sorry, not sorry.

I always warn my high-end skincare clients that buying just the moisturizer isn’t going to be the miracle that will turn back the clock. There’s a reason why a matching serum and toner exists, and you shouldn’t ignore them.

If you have a face packed of clogged pores, I suggest to have a professional facial–a Jessner’s peel with extractions worked good for me–and then your job will be to maintain your newly extracted pores.

Things that will muck up your skin:

  • Going to bed with makeup on — please, oh please, at least put makeup wipes by your bed! This is the worst pore-clogging mistake ever.
  • Washing your face with your shampoo or whatever bar of stuff is in the shower. Sure, this may work for you now, but when you see that first wrinkle appear prematurely, please think of me.
  • Bad diet. I shouldn’t have to explain, but certain foods can cause inflammation and cause your skin to be extra irritable.
  • Dehydration — drink water, for hell’s sake. The last time I neglected to drink water I woke up looking like Rachel Zoe. Hydration mask 911.

I am the poster child for oil cleansers–because they work on all skin types–including oily skin. A few pumps of oil cleanser rubbed onto your face and the magic starts to happen. The oil picks up the oil that was already on your face (it’s like the Uber for gross face oils), and all of your makeup is swept out of the pores and fine lines. Splash on a little water, and watch the oil turn into a milky emulsion that washes away clean without an oily residue. Your makeup is mostly down the drain, and your skin is soft and supple. I use my foaming cleanser on a wet face after my oil cleanse to wash away any remaining particles of makeup. The double cleanse is a must-do!

Everyone knows what a AmorePacific devotee I am (thanks to the PR firm that sent me all the free skincare), but I also know that sometimes I can’t afford to keep up with the same brands. I recently purchased the Shea Moisture (love this cruelty-free brand!) Cleansing Oil from Target for $11. It works extremely well, and is really THICK and massages beautifully into my skin. No acne, no clogged pores. In fact, I have a confession…

I purchased the Tweezerman “Skincare Tool”, which is pretty much an $11 pimple popper. I cleared out the sides of my nose and a couple on my chin, but that is all I found. My skin was absolutely clear except for a few areas that needed a deep extraction cleanse. This tool works a little too well and you could easily spend 30 minutes looking for something to pop. Gross, but oh so awesome.

My last tip to transforming your skin is to follow through with your entire routine in the morning and at night. If I skip any steps, my skin will visibly show it in the morning. It’s just like going to the gym–your body notices when you don’t do your core exercises. Use your toner after cleansing to wipe away any residue left from the minerals in the water, use your serums to boost your moisturizing benefits, and use your eye and neck creams. You have different skin around your eyes and neck area, and they need to be treated with separate products. Next, I want to try Dr. Perricone’s Cold Plasma Sub-D neck cream! Stay tuned!

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