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My skincare regimen–not your average wash-and-go routine

My skincare regimen–not your average wash-and-go routine

I hate people who tell me they use a bar of soap in the shower to wash their face–and their face is flawless–meanwhile I have an entire wicker basket of skincare treasures that range from high end $660 serums to a $7 primer spray.When I hit 39 last year, I started noticing little things that bugged me about my skin. I was tired of the midday oil slick and I was frustrated with using a powder three times per day just so that I looked somewhat normal. I started noticing little lines around my mouth, and my pores were large enough for a small bird to make a nest inside of. I knew something had to be done, and I was willing to splurge just so I could wake up looking like a goddess of perfection.

My skin concerns are as follows: Redness, freckles, blotchy patches, acne-prone, large pores, sensitive, fine lines, blackheads, and paleness. When I started working at Nordstrom, I dabbled in many different brands, and I also asked customers what they loved using and I gathered all the information I needed. Most of what I use is AMOREPACIFIC, a Korean brand that is over 70 years old, and I use a lot of other additional things like masks and primers. Sit tight and learn about my favorite skincare discoveries.

Krista’s Night Routine

STEP ONE- Makeup removal. 

Because my skin isn’t perfect, I wear heavy foundation and powder. Removing it is important so that my pores aren’t stuffed with yesterday’s foundation. Most people don’t spend enough time removing their makeup, so skin issues are visible like blackheads and uneven texture. You certainly don’t want to waste your expensive cleansers on removing your eye makeup, so get yourself a good eye makeup remover like Bi-facil from Lancome. For my face, I use the AMOREPACIFIC Treatment Cleansing Oil. I apply it directly to my hands and massage it into the skin. The cleansing oil picks up makeup, dirt, and my excreted oils from the day. I then apply a splash of water and the oil turns into a milk. I then splash away the remaining product and I am left with wonderful skin. Next, I apply a pea-sized drop of the AMOREPACIFIC Treatment Cleansing Foam to my fingers or my Foreo Cleansing Device. I cleanse once, and if I feel I need another cleanse I will repeat.

STEP TWO – Exfoliate the dead skin cells away.

My face is clean, but there are still dead skin cells that need to be removed daily. Instead of using a harsh scrub, I use plant enzymes. They’re gentle and won’t cause any irritation. My favorite exfoliation product is the AMOREPACIFIC Treatment Enzyme Peel. The product is really cool to use–you pour a small amount of the enzyme powder in your palm and add a little bit of water. Rub your hands together and apply to skin. It turns into a slight foam. You can leave it on your skin for a minute if you have time, or you can rinse after you have massaged it in. At this point, your skin should feel like a baby.

STEP THREE – Tone away the pollution

About 80% of my customers do not use a toner. I didn’t use one either until I found out the importance of it. Yes, I currently use a $180 toner–the AMOREPACIFIC Time Response Skin Renewal Toner. You don’t need to use one as luxurious as this one, but this is a good one! Chock full of Green Tea Leaf water, minerals, and antioxidants, this toner balances the skin’s pH, and most importantly, it purifies the chemicals and reside from the water you just used to clean your face. The bonus of this toner is that it also firms the skin!n Another toner bonus: it preps your skin for the next step!

STEP FOUR – Essence Water

Koreans believe that applying the essence is THE most important step. I’m still trying out products, but I love the mega-affordable Mario Badescu Rose Facial Spray with Aloe–$7! I started looking into this product when customers were buying it like crazy. Then, I heard from several of my fellow artists that they also loved it. I could not resist trying it out! Just mist the face lightly, and tap it into the skin for extra help with absorption. The mist hydrates and plumps the skin.

STEP FIVE – Toxin-fighting serum

The lightweight serum ‘One Essential’ from Dior does three things: detoxifies, energizes, and regenerates the skin instantly. It helps erase signs of fatigue. This is for the busy gal that doesn’t get much sleep, works in the city where there is pollution, and just needs a boost. This serum also helps boost my moisturizer to work and penetrate deeper into my skin’s tissue.

STEP SIX – (Are we there yet?) Eye Cream

I improved the texture of the skin of my eye because of good eye cream. I am really loving the Fresh ‘Black Tea’ Age-Delay Eye Cream right now. Eye creams are something I constantly change when I run out, but I do feel like this one is working great for me. It’s very thick, but I love the thicker formulas for eye cream. It is not greasy and seems to instantly smooth out fine lines. Come into the store for a small sample to try–I’m pretty sure you’ll like this one.

STEP SEVEN – Moisturizer

Finally! I am sure you are dying to get to bed at this point, but we have a few things to do before our ritual is over. Most of us can’t exactly afford La Mer or La Prairie, but I definitely invested in this $100 AMOREPACIFIC ‘Moisture Bound’ Hydrating Gel moisturizer for oily skin. This bamboo sap and natural ingredient-packed moisturizer feels super refreshing when applied. It gives my tired skin a boost and I use it day and night. This oil-free formula is not going to diminish wrinkles, but for hydration, this is pretty good stuff.

STEP EIGHT – Sleeping Masque

This last step is not required, but I do need a bit of extra moisture while I sleep. The AMOREPACIFIC Sleeping Masque locks in all of your wonderful layers of skincare products you just applied. I love the silky texture of this gel-like product, and when I wake up, my skin has a natural glow to it.

These may seem like too many steps to take before bed,  but the time investment is worth it, and you will notice a big difference in the texture, tone, coloration, and feel of your skin. You’ll become a skincare junkie just like me. When you purchase new skincare, you may notice a pimple breakout–totally normal–it happened to me when I first started my new routine. Give your skincare products a chance to work. At least four weeks. Please let me know if you have any questions!

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