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My dream wedding hair — there’s a wig involved!

My dream wedding hair — there’s a wig involved!

Candace Campbell - Model
Candace Campbell – Model

One terrible thing about bleaching your hair is breakage. My hair was blonde earlier last year, and then turned to rose gold, apricot, pink, and last it was brunette and the orange/red that I have today. What’s great about bleaching your hair is that you are able to tint it all those fun colors like lilac, baby blue, and pastel pink. My hair needed to go dark to match some tape-in extension hair, and it was bummed but my hair looked quite nice, but too “corporate” for my style.

Since my hair is still brittle, I cannot get it to grow long at all . It will never be long enough for my wedding in only 5 months.

I was going through some photos online, and I came across some lush hair on a model named Candace Campbell. This woman has epic hair, and I don’t care if it is a wig, weave, or real.. I worship these strands.

I thought of ways I could get this hair, and I knew I’d have to get a little help from Russian or European hair that wasn’t my own. The dye will most likely be a mix of La Riche Directions temporary dye in Apricot and Bright Daffodil to cut down the “neon” affect.

Researching wig makers was a bit of a challenge. There are a ton of websites that sell wigs, and I need to find a place that will do an amazing job. I think I found the place: Super Strands. They offer 3/4 wigs in a variety of mega cool colors. You can choose the length of the wig and texture, which is great. I cannot wait to order it and see what it looks like. I hope the shipping doesn’t take too long. I need to be able to try it on with my dress to see what it looks like.

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What do you think of this hair? Would you wear a wig in your wedding? DID you wear a wig in your wedding?