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New product reviews and hair bleach update


Spring is the time for change. Changing hair colors, makeup routines and throwing new paint in a room to bring it back to life. I’ve been insanely busy, but I’m going to do a quick round-up of the things I’ve tried this year so far! Let the reviewing begin!

Rimmel Lasting Finish 25-Hour Foundation

Everyone knows that I’m a die-hard Revlon foundation fan. Since I was 19, I’ve been using the Revlon ColorStay line and definitely haven’t found anything that compares to the coverage and longevity that it provides. I recently picked up the new Rimmel foundation that boasts 25 hours of wear, which is TOTALLY riddick. Who the hell is going to wear their makeup for 25 hours? Prostitutes? Cranksters? Well, that is none of my business, but please, Rimmel, do not encourage us non-ladies of the night to wear their makeup for 25 hours. It’s just wrong and disgusting.

Other than that, I actually like this foundation. I felt that the coverage was medium to full, and my skin stayed hydrated. I did get oily during about hour 4 of wear, touched up with powder and then got oily once again. This doesn’t happen with my Revlon products, so it looks like I’ll still be sticking by my holy grail of Revlon ColorStay Liquid and Whipped foundations.

_6565480Cle de Peau Cream Foundation

Uhhh no. No no no! I forked over $130 for this foundation, like an idiot, and I did not look like Amanda Seyfried when I put it on. This is going back to the store ASAP. I blame the root cause of this bad buy… the customer service was horrible at the counter. The woman tried the foundation on my HAND and said it was my color. Oh yeah, because my hand is really my face in disguise. I didn’t guide this woman in helping me because I was curious to see how uneducated she was and laugh about it later over coffee with friends. haha. The woman hardly spoke English for starters and she thought my hand was the best place to test foundation. How lazy can you be? I got home and couldn’t even wait til morning to try this stuff on. I used my fingers and then used a sponge… the stuff is super oily and not for people of my age range. This foundation is for a mature audience.

colors-reds-n-whitesMorgan Taylor Nail Lacquer

This stuff is pure luxury. I found out about it during my last trip to my nail tech. She pulled this off of the shelf at the salon and not only is the Candy Coated Coral polish amazing, but it lasted longer than most I’ve tried in recent months. I actually received compliments on the color, which is a satin matte that looks very high-quality. I noticed as my nail tech applied it, the consistency was really thick, but she still applied two coats. It’s on my toes right now, but wore off of my fingers after one week, but in my world, that is a miracle. Nail polish barely lasts two days on my fingers! This is a must-try for nail polish fans. You can buy these amazing colors for under $6 here.

Revlon-Parfumerie-Scented-Nail-EnamelsRevlon Perfumerie Nail Polish

This is a product that I prayed would be good, but it looks like even god couldn’t make this nail polish shine. This is a really hyped product, in a super-cute bottle, but is terrible and not worth purchasing. Others seem to have luck with this one, but definitely did not. The color separated as I was painting it, it dried to a really weird finish, a semi-gloss with a bunch of weird lumps in it. I put on another coat and again, certain areas of my nail wouldn’t take the paint at all. I can smell the apricot scent, but only if I put my nails right up to my nose. I guess you could have a really pleasant nose-picking experience!? The apricot color is nice, but the formula doesn’t do it any justice. I’d rather spend the same amount of money on the Morgan Taylor options that I mentioned above. Who needs scented nail polish?? I thought I did!


I’m going to update my hair bleaching blog post as I have found a better bleach. Please check back soon!

New product reviews and hair bleach update