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Detoxing and getting ready for Lucky FABB 2014

Detoxing and getting ready for Lucky FABB 2014
Lovely Kale | Photo: greg.turner

Well, howdy there. After a really busy year last year at work, I decided that I need to really focus on my health, or “beauty on the inside”, and that sorta failed a bit. You see, during the holidays I totally splurge on food. Pretty much since December, I’ve felt like I’ve aged about 30 years. All of the cheese encrusted stuffing and the multiple pie choices sitting on the family table is REALLY hard to pass up. I blame Pinterest and all food blogs for obesity. I admire people that get into food blogging and review every food truck that comes into town, but don’t they know that there are inspiring the very existence of my belly rolls? I’m pointing fingers.. the very fingers that put the food in my mouth in the first place!

I’ve got SEVERAL events coming up. First, my 20 year class reunion. Oh.meh.gehd. I really don’t want to go, but kinda feel that I’ll miss out on something really good, like a genuine apology from a bully.. but like that will ever happen.. but I’ll enjoy every bit of it while I twirl my peach pastel hair and sip on my Mojito. Selfie, anyone? There will be a photographer, so I need to be in decent shape. I already bought a dress, and it fits just fine, so if I lose any weight, I’ll need to alter it, but I’d be more than happy to pay someone to fix my dress because I got skinny. My dress is something like Stepford Wives meets a knock-off Chanel phony made with child slave labor love. I just had to. The dress looks cute on me, so whatever. It’s rare that I feel cute in anything, so it is a winner.

Lucky FABB is coming around again this year, and I have no idea what they have in store for us. If they can top having Betsey Johnson and Drew Barrymore, I’ll be shocked. That was a heart attack in itself. Meeting fashion and style icons in the flesh is horrifying because I have NO idea what to say. If it’s Cyndi Lauper or Cher, I really may just die. (happy!) I’ll be gone in April, so Beverly Hills watch out already. I’m comin’ to getcha.

So this spring is jam-packed with stuff and I need to feel good and look good. I’ve decided to get serious about my food ingestion. I’m detoxing for 1 week, eating only vegetables, and then doing a very strict diet with very little meat or dairy. My sushi intake will need to be greatly reduced. My seaweed intake… that is fine. I’ll just eat kelp and try to eliminate rice from my sushi binges. SO HARD. ugh.

So this is day one. I made a drink with Apple Cider Vinegar, Cayenne pepper, lemon juice and water. It isn’t too bad, to be honest. I really like the pepper. It unexpected and tastes great in a drink. Zappy! I am supposed to drink this three X per day. I took some probiotics (50 billion), and I ate only veggies today and two eggs, and two small avocados. I feel better already. I made a great spinach, lettuce, red pepper, red onion, sesame seed, olive oil salad. I thought it would be bad.. but it was SO GOOD. Divine.

Anyway, the girl at the store noticed that my hair matched my lipstick color. I swear I didn’t even realize it. I am obsessed with peach right now.