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Target is killing it with the clothing lately!

Target is killing it with the clothing lately!

seahorse-sweaterI’ll admit that Target has had some total duds in the past. I stopped shopping for clothes there for a really long time because I was underwhelmed by the whole Santa Fe print/Tribal print clothes and “boyfriend” jeans. Ugh.. totally not my style. I am all about lace, feminine dresses, ruffles and polka dots. Last weekend, I literally went nuts in the clothing department. I couldn’t stop putting things in the basket. I ended up toting home some amazing finds. Here they are!

My favorite find is the Merona Women’s 3/4 Sleeve V-Neck Cardigan Sweater with neon pink seahorses. This soft cardigan goes with everything. The seahorses are so cute and I have never seen anything like this! Believe me.. I had to stare at this thing for a minute or two because I didn’t think it was real! The other sweaters in this collection were just as pretty, but this one was the real gem.


Next in the basket is this super comfy Mossimo striped maxi dress. I am 5’9 tall and this dress just touches the floor. It’s really elegant and flattering. It hugs the curves and looks sexy, but I’ll probably need to bust out the Spanx until I kick off some extra weight. hah!







This cutie is really flattering for the curvy gals. The faux wood buttons add just the right touch to make it look like pin-up dress. This is the Xhilaration Juniors Button Front Striped Fit & Flare Dress. This is your summer sun dress favorite! Too bad I can’t wear it every single day. I wore this with my seahorse cardigan and it was just darling.










14478977_130401223000Going with the seahorse theme, I had to have this dress. It is a dark navy blue with bright orange seahorses all over it. It is a satin feel with pockets. This is the only clothing item I purchased that does not stretch, so I found it to be a bit tight in the chest area. The tie at the waist helps create your shape, but you could probably slip a wide belt over it and tuck the ties inside. I’ll look for a wide white belt (with an anchor??!) to go with this.  This is the Merona Women’s High-Low Hem Sundress.






14341392_130103143000I am not huge on the color block trend, but I thought this shirt was great. It is a bright red top with a cool zipper in the back (so I can fit all my hair inside without getting it messed up!), the color block piece on the chest is a deep navy blue. I like the material of the shirt which is a silky thick t-shirt material. Looks great with denim! This is the Merona Women’s Boatneck Top.







14440478_130214143000The last item I’ll list here was purchased to go with the top above.. the colors match exactly. It may be too busy for some, but I thought it looked okay with the colorblock shirt. The navy blue and red stripes are aligned in a chevron pattern, making it look flattering on the hips. Very comfy and casual! This is the Merona Women’s Elastic Waist Knit Skirt.


Another amazing dress that I purchased is not pictured because I could not find it on the website. It is a coral lace skater dress with a sheer top and sweetheart front design. It is beautiful! Not sure why it isn’t on the site. I’ll be wearing that to the Santana Row fashion show this weekend if the weather is good. I’ll be sure to take a few shots of it!



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  1. I actually spent a good 200 bucks the other day stocking up on their maxi dresses. I’m tall too so the length is perfect!! Thanks for sharing!

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