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New favorite self-tanners and Santana Row Fashion Show

New favorite self-tanners and Santana Row Fashion Show

Supergoop Self Tanner Don’t know if I mentioned this before, but I received a boat load of products from a few weeks back… loving almost everything so far! My focus is on self-tanners and hair removal products, as well as sunscreens. I have dry body skin, yet oily facial skin, so I need different products for each “part”.

Two standout products I’ll mention this week are the Supergoop!’Gradual Self-Tanning’ Sunscreen Mousse SPF 20, and the amazing Jergens Natural Glow Healthy Complexion Daily Facial Moisturizer . What I totally love about these two products is that they don’t leave you with that nasty “tan mom” orange look where it looks obvious that you’re a fake baker. The Supergoop sunscreen/tanner has SPF 20 already in it, which is great, and it smells very pleasant. It is paraben-free, which is a MUST for any cosmetic or product you use on your body. I’ll say that in every post until it finally sinks in for everyone. Even my very own doctor says I should not use items with parabens in it because it will mess with my hormones and act as estrogen. The Supergoop tanner looks very natural, leaves no streaks or weird blotches. The price is a little steep; $38 for 5.7 oz. I normally don’t like to spend over $20 for tanners, but this one is pretty good.

You’re going to call me a hypocrite, but the Jergens Healthy Glow for the Face does have parabens. ::SIGH:: I was pretty upset about this, but it was to be expected since nearly everything contaJergens Natural Glow for Faceins this crap. It works wonders for my complexion though. It evens out my skin tone to this beautiful shade of light tan. I hardly need to wear foundation at all, and I can wear it under makeup and at night when I’m sleeping. I am on a search to find a paraben-free version, and I might just try the Supergoop on my face tonight to see the results. Luckily, companies are catching on to consumers’ needs and are removing parabens from their products. Hopefully Jergens will take note.

Santana Row Fashion Show on June 1st

I was invited to attend the annual Santana Row Fashion Show on June 1st (1 pm and 4 pm, tickets available here for $40). I cannot wait to go since I haven’t been to a fashion show since I was in one myself! I’ll be photographing some awesome new fashions and going to a grand opening of a new store, which I will be revealing on Saturday.
Fun times! Summer is always great for events like these!

Oh, and I will be posting on my @kristadior Twitter page, new sandals I got from Payless and a necklace from a much-hated celebrity fashion line. The necklace is amazeballs, so I didn’t care! See you next time!

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