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Recap of the week – New mascara and foundation Holy Grails found

Recap of the week – New mascara and foundation Holy Grails found

Physician's Formula Organic MascaraI just had to watch the last episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race AGAIN. This time, I watched it with my friend who I think I converted to an Alaska fan (one of the three possible winners of this season) … how can you not love her cotton candy dress? Edible fashion is always welcome. If you haven’t watched RuPaul’s show, YOU MUST. If you have a soul, you must watch it. It changed my life and I’m not joking. I really learned a lot about myself when watching past seasons on Netflix. I got better at doing makeup. The show makes me smile, scream, cry, puke… I just love it.

This week, I discovered some new drugstore gems. The first item is the Physician’s Formula Organic Wear mascara. Read my full review on this new favorite here —>
I did receive the mascara from to try and I will have to say I really am impressed with it. The only thing that I recently found out, which was a kinda bummer, is that if you cry or get wet, that mascara runs pretty badly, and it STINGS. I was outside cooling my dog off with the water hose and I got some water on my eyes. The formula is all-natural with no chemicals, but why did it feel like acid was poured on my eyes when it was wet? Oh well, I will have to just be really careful around water when I wear it.

Another tidbit of news was the release and sell-out of the Rihanna MAC lipstick, RiRi Woo. I broke the news on our Y! Fashionate blog here —> RiRi Woo sells out in a matter of hours

I’ve been testing out boxes full of self-tanners, sunscreen and hair removal products. Reviews of my favorites will be coming soon. My legs are smooth, but really need some color! I’ll be self-tanning this week… hope I don’t turn into one of the Lohans.

So far, the Revlon ColorStay Whipped foundation is blowing my mind. More news on that to come as I try it out this week.


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