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Life at the LuckyFABB 2013 event in Beverly Hills

Life at the LuckyFABB 2013 event in Beverly Hills
Yahoo! Fashionate blog team with Drew Barrymore
Yahoo! Fashionate blog team with Drew Barrymore

Unaware of the amazing adventure that would unfold before me, I ventured off to Beverly Hills California to the Lucky Magazine Fashion and Beauty Blogger event (aka LuckyFABB) with the Yahoo! Shopping blogger (and my close friend), Amanda Storey. With at least 6 makeup bags and 10 outfits between the two of us, we took off down the I-5 to Los Angeles, hoping, planning and praying that we would come back with great stories to tell. The trip did not fail us.

I’m already a huge fanboy of the Drew Barrymore Flower Beauty products for about a month now, and I’ve become extremely fond of the lipsticks, namely the Sweet Peony shade of soft pink with a hint of orange/coral. I own probably 200 lipstick tubes at home, and this one is probably my favorite of them all. I couldn’t wait to talk to Drew about her amazing cosmetics line and ask her how the heck she perfected this quality line at such an affordable price.

During the conference, she said she can’t live without concealer, and I totally agree! I am a fan of the Flower Beauty concealer, which is luxuriously textured with great coverage for those pesky dark circles. I’ve tried nearly everything from the line and it surprises me that the quality of this product is above and beyond any drugstore brand, with price points below most drugstore brands. It was said that all of the money goes into the product and packaging with little advertising, keeping the prices low on this product that can only be purchased in select Wal-mart stores or

I learned so much about the brand and love it even more with the knowledge I received directly from Drew and her PR and Marketing team. The best part was helping others at the event discover how great the products were with the testers available at the VIP event at FABB. With the help of social media and bloggers, the Flower Beauty line is quickly becoming public knowledge. Even my mother wanted to steal my beloved Sweet Peony lipstick from me… and my mom is a tough customer when it comes to makeup. She’s used the same stuff since I was a kid. I think I’ve converted her into a Flower fan!

Funnily enough, since I’ve been posting several Twitpics of me wearing Flower Beauty, one of the staff members of Flower Beauty recognized me! I’ve been that obsessed.

Betsey Johnson
Me with Betsey Johnson

Meeting one of your idols is terrifying. I wanted to die when I found out Betsey Johnson was going to be at the FABB event. If I would have known beforehand she was showing up, I would have decked out with a sea of BJ accessories, which I own proudly. She was there in all of her blonde glory, dancing around the stage at 70 years young. She was at the event to talk about her new upcoming show on the Style Network and while she was previewing the promotional clip for the show, she was screaming “That’s MEEE”! as if she had never seen herself on television before inĀ  her life. Good lord!

My all-time favorite part of her conversation on the stage was when she was talking about bloggers and the internet… when she called being on the internet “webbing”. So now, I’ve adopted the term “webbing” for anytime I am surfing the net. I think it totally fits.

Betsey if fun, motivational and just a ball of energy. I can’t wait to be 70 and wearing 5 inch fringe heels.

I saw Betsey at Day 2 of the FABB event. We took even more photos together and shared more laughs. We really didn’t have much to talk about, we just had fun and laughed.

Betsey’s fringe heels with pom-poms

That’s all I needed to know. She’s happy, she’s moving on with her fashion line despite the closing of her brick and mortar stores. She’s all I dreamed she would be. I have SO much more to say about the event, but I’ll leave you with this post first. These were the best highlights that sent me home a happy gal.

Amanda had hand made iconic celeb eyebrows from Spock to Marilyn Monroe (my favorite brows were Divine and Vampira) and we were lucky enough to show Betsey what they were all about. She just couldn’t put her iconic brows down!!!

Going back to my hometown Yahoo! campus to tell all of our adventures was thrilling. We can’t wait to go to Lucky FABB again next year. Who knows, we might have a booth next year!

Betsey Johnson wearing Amanda’s “Iconic Brows”