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Hair by Mr. Kato in San Jose – Weft Extensions

Hair by Mr. Kato in San Jose – Weft Extensions

haircollageI haven’t had exciting news in quite a while, but this time, I certainly do! Although, I will have to refrain from spilling all details until I’ve confirmed the actual itinerary of the event. I’ll just say that I’ll be traveling next month for work and celebrities and beauty goodies will be aplenty. I’ve been giddy all week, and possibly annoying the surrounding folks with my utterly annoying squeals. I’ve booked two microdermabrasion facials and I just went for my hair appointment today with amazing results.

My hair extensions were getting a bit tangled as I did bleach them a few weeks ago to get that ombre effect. I tried cutting the tips of the hair off a little bit, but the hair was still very dry and the wefts were already 6 months old. It was time to put fresh wefts in.

My hair started out with about 5 single self-installed wefts in the back of my head, dyed with Manic Panic InfraRed and bleached tips. I could see split ends forming at the tips and it was starting to be very hard to comb. I tried some thick conditioners and serums and after dong all that I decided it was time to just pull out my fresh pack of 18 inch blonde Bohyme remy hair and take it to someone to have it installed. I called around last Sunday and NO salons seem to be open on Sundays and Mondays. I looked to, as always, for reviews on good places to go for hair extensions in the Evergreen area of San Jose. With gas prices on the rise, I really don’t want to drive too far or fight with traffic to get my hair done.

I am through with trying to do self-installations of wefts, too. My arms get very tired and I’m standing in my bathroom for hours, struggling to position the hair, bead it in and hope that it doesn’t slip out during the next shampoo. I found a review on just by chance for Mr. Kato Hair Design, which just happened to be half a block from my house. (What are the odds?!) I called him up and we chatted about what I wanted to do with my hair. He seemed more than confident that he would be the guy for the job.

I went in on Saturday at 12 noon and he was ready for me right on the dot. I don’t think that has ever happened in a salon where the stylist wasn’t still working on someone for at least 15 more minutes while I wait… not that I mind at all when it does happen, but it is rare when you don’t have to wait at all. His client was done at least 5 minutes before noon and he was ready for me.. heated seat and all!

Mr. Kato is extremely professional and classy. He makes you feel important and he takes the time to really plan out and describe to you what he will perform on your hair. He started sewing in the wefts immediately and was a total pro. He worked efficiently and ever so swift, with no pain or tugs felt, I was truly impressed. He knows extensions, he is a master!

We started talking and found out we had a lot of common interests, like performing music! He opened up and we had a great discussion about Gibson guitars, celebrities,  and we both have music studios in our homes. He’s been in the biz since the early 70s, so trust me when I say he knows hair, and especially ethnic hair. I like to describe my hair as ethnic, since it is thick, wavy, frizzy and doesn’t react well to hair cuts (frizzes out even more). He suggested a few ethnic hair products to me that I could purchase at my local Sally’s at an extremely reasonable price. I will try those and review them for the blog. I appreciate his honesty and the fact he didn’t try to sell me something expensive at the salon.


I already love the quality of the Bohyme extensions from previous trials, so I couldn’t wait to see what it would look like added on this time around. The appointment lasted approx 2.5 hours, which is pretty good considering some of the crazy 5 hour appointments I’ve had in the past when having individual locs installed.

My head feels tender now, but I know that shall pass. My hair looks like a zillion bucks.. and the iPhone photo above doesn’t do it any justice whatsoever. He double-wefted each piece, so it is a lot thicker than it was before.

So excited about my business trip next month.. my hair will definitely attract some attention and I’ll be photo-ready! Next weekend, I’m starting my facials with a woman named Zhee, also a find. I’ll take more photos of my hair later, and with a better camera!

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