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Ombre hair with extensions using Manic Panic dyes

Ombre hair with extensions using Manic Panic dyes

Ombre hair with Manic Panic and extensionsHello blog readers! I haven’t made an official announcement just yet, but I’ll be blogging more regularly for Yahoo! Shopping’s new fashion and beauty blog, Fashionate. There will not be any tutorials on that blog, but more of a focus on news and product reviews. You can visit Fashionate here. I will focus on bringing you my own beauty tutorials on this blog as well as my opinions… so please continue to visit me here!

While being busy after moving into a new house, I finally decided my hair needed much change. I’ve been sporting a Little Mermaid red do’ for quite a while, and although I totally loved the bright color (Vampire red from Manic Panic), I have been inspired by ombre hair dye styles using black and blonde. It would be pretty impossible for me to go black and blonde at this point, so I decided to do black, red to white… well… didn’t happen, but I do like what resulted.

My hair was already red.. bright red. I have half weft extensions in the back of my head and individuals on top. I have thick shoulder length hair, and I didn’t want to put bleach on the real hair, so I placed Joico Vero blue powder bleach with 30 mixed with 40 vol. peroxide on the ends of my hair, about 7 or 8 inches of it. I folded foil around the bleach-covered hair (the bleach gets very  hot, so I took the foil off for the last 30 min) for about 80 minutes. I could see the existing red dye bubbling off, but it did not remove completely. My hair was left a very bright hot pink when the bleach was done. I washed the bleach out and left my hair damp.

I purchased Manic Panic in Raven (black) and Manic Panic in InfraRed (medium-dark orange red). I applied the Raven shade mixed with a little of the InfraRed starting at the crown and working my way down, just past my ear. I applied just InfraRed just past where I applied Raven and down into the bleached area about an inch down, leaving about 6 inches of bleached hair untouched. I left that on my head (wrapped my head carefully in plastic wrap without moving it.. don’t let the colors touch) for about 2 hours. Watched Downton Abbey while I waited. =)

All I had to do next is rinse my hair. During the rinsing process, the colors bleed into each other. The black bleeds into the red and the red bleeds down into the bleached area. To my surprise, my hair didn’t look black at all, it looked like a very dark burgundy with a lot of the InfraRed streaking throughout. The InfraRed stayed true to color on the medium lengths, but the bleached area turned mauve… a result of mixing with the undertones of the InfraRed and black a bit.

The great thing about doing ombre on extensions is that you don’t have to ruin your real hair with bleach. Yes, you do take a risk ruining hair you had to pay for, but at least you’ll be out a few hundred dollars instead of waiting two years for your hair to grow back.

I do want to also mention that I used no Photoshop in this photo, but I did use a Nikon D3100 with the stock lens. Here is the camera info:

Exposure 0.4
Aperture f/10.0
Focal Length 18 mm
Focal Length 18.3 mm
ISO Speed 1600
Flash No Flash
Lens 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6

Makeup info:

Skincare: Cindy Crawford Meaningful Beauty
Foundation: Revlon ColorStay liquid foundation for combo/oily
Powder: Jane Iredale loose mineral foundation
Brows: Jordana brow pencil
Eyeshadow: MAC Cranberry with MAC Brule highlight under brow.
Liners: Sephora liquid liner (Eggplant) and inner rims lined with Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes in Black.
Cheeks: Tarte Cheek Stain in True Love. I also applied on lips and topped with a light coral sheer gloss from Boots.

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