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Tropical Fish Tail Makeup Look

I try to enter the makeup competitions whenever I get the chance. (Vote for my look here)  They always have the best giveaways! This month, they are giving away a ton of Inglot cosmetics, a brand that I’ve never used, but hear good things about. Developed by a guy that worked as a chemist, this brand is really popular among makeup artists. The idea this time around is to create a tropical look inspired by something.. tropical!

As you can see, I did a lot of stuff here to my eyes!  I grabbed the smallest eyeliner brush I could find (and this one in particular had very short bristles) I used three shades, the same as the fish tail on the upper right corner, a dark blue, dark coral and white. The micro beads were applied differently than the last tutorial I posted; this time I used hair gel instead of wasting my eyelash glue.

How I got this look:

I wanted this look textured, so I used loose pigments for all shadows except for the white, which was a dry to creme color.

BASE: I started out with the NYX white eyeshadow base, which is new to my collection and I am totally loving it. The price is about $5.50 for this amazing base and it works better then the Urban Decay Primer for my eyes. I applied this to the entire lid.

COLORS: Starting from the lashline and up, I applied the EMANI Ocean View Crushed Minerals Eyeshadow, using water to create a liquid liner, flicking the end of the liner upwards. Above that I applied Kryolan Aquacolor in White, using water and the same small brush. I had to go over this line several times as the product sometimes bleeds if too much water is used. Don’t worry if it isn’t perfect now, you can go over and perfect your lines later.

Above that new white line, I started applying the blue shade with water again, this time, flicking the color upwards to recreate the jagged lines in the fish tail. I did this twice to ensure the color of the shadow was going to hold. I applied the Kryolan color around the blue, as to create white outline.

I mixed MAC Pigment Electric Coral with water and applied that above the white and over some of the white that was overlapping. I went over this area twice and used a stippling effect to create more texture.

Applied more Ocean View shadow below my natural brow and white Kryolan to create the “break” of the wave in an eyebrow shape.

In between the white eyebrow and the blue, I drew in some turquoise with the Urban Decay 24/7 pencil in Electric and carried that color to the outside of the eye with flicking motions.

At this point, I touched up the colors that needed to be a little more bold, waited til it was all dry and prepared the mirco balls.

MICRO BALLS: These things can be a pain in the ass. I always pour the amount I want to use into a small clean reusable jar. I started with the Copper color first, applying alcohol-free hair gel to the back of my hand, dipping my tiny brush into the gel and then into the jar of micro beads. They tend to stick together, so I apply them in sections and align them using the brush and my fingers. The hair gel dries fairly quickly, so it is easy to apply and move things where you want it without it falling off. I applied the clear micro beads to the brows, on top of the Kryolan white, to create a “sea foam” effect to my “wave” brow.

I also applied clear and champagne micro balls to the tips of my lashes with the gel. That was hard since I have to shield my eyes to prevent falling and hold the beads in place while they start drying.

Anyway, this took hours to do, so don’t worry if you think you are taking too long! Plan ahead of you are doing something like this for a party.

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  1. just came across this. went and looked at the competition and after looking at the winners I just had to say – yours was awesome! I can’t believe you didn’t win anything. This looks amazing and absolutely gorgeous.

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