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DIY Ombre Hair Color

Krista Dior on R, with special guest and Kat on L
Krista Dior on R, with special guest and Kat on L

Hello all! I have two posts going up this weekend! One is my DIY Ombre hair dye, which received overwhelming compliments at last weekend’s BFD music festival at Shoreline Ampitheatre. I couldn’t walk around the place without someone stopping me to say they loved it. My BFF Kat and I stopped to say hi to a famous musician… if you can recognize him..write it in the comments section!

Ombre hair .. from red to orange to yellowFiery Ombre Hair

To be perfectly clear, my hair is made of individual i-tip extensions, so I have a bit of advantage when doing ombre dye. The dye tends to “stick” to my slightly damaged real hair than it does to the extensions, so it naturally fades out towards the tips of the extension hair. (Which I bought platinum blonde and dyed over it)

I washed my hair with a clarifying shampoo and towel-dried it so that it was slightly damp. It is easier to work with the semi-permanent dyes when the hair is a bit damp.

Products: *Make sure you have salon gloves on so you don’t stain your hands. My hair was blonde on the ends to start, so you may need to bleach your hair

Sebastian Laminates Cellophanes in Red Red – My hair has been previously dyed from natural red to a lighter red/orange in the salon. All I had to do was apply the Laminates product straight onto the top of my head using the squeeze bottle, working it with a tinting brush and stopping just about where my jawbone is. I also did this in the back with the use of a mirror, making sure it was even all the way around.

Hot Topic Raw Dye in Sunset (No longer available, but Manic Panic Tiger Lily is pretty similar) – I put this light.bright orange dye in a plastic bowl and using my tinting brush I blended this in with the Laminates Red Red on the bottom two inches of the dye. I tried to bring this color down as far as possible without dipping again into the dye. I did this in sections and it did take some time to finally blend the colors together and fade them out.

Punky Colour Bright Yellow- This is the best color that I’ve ever used. I use this yellow to tone down reds, make oranges pop and to create lovely streaks in my hair. I looooove this color. I mix this with everything, it seems. With this color, I put about two tablespoons into a plastic bowl and put a little water in it to thin it out. I took my tinting brush, starting about an inch into where the last color I applied was and blended that orange shade out, almost to the tips of my hair. Since I watered it out, it won’t be a super-bright yellow shade (you CAN apply the yellow undiluted if you wish to have a brighter look on the ends) but that is what I was going for.

Your hair should fade from red on top, to orange mid-lengths to yellow to blonde.

Wait with this mixture on your hair for a few hours if you can. An hour is okay,  but the longer you keep it in, the longer your hair color will stay with you.

I use sulfate-free shampoos ONLY: Pureology Nano Shampoo and Conditioner. Some stores give you a deal when you buy both together.

I use a cold-water rinse to lock in the color as well as a lightweight shine serum on damp hair. A serum with a UV protector in it is best to help keep your color vibrant and protect it from the damaging sun rays.

I used hot rollers in my hair for about 15 minutes, let those cool and used a lightweight hair spray to set the curls.

What do you all think? Would you rock this?