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Avengers and Comic Book Inspired Makeup Look

Krista Dior's Comic-book inspired look
Krista Dior's Comic-book inspired look

Now, I’m not really a comic book reader, nor am I a book reader (the A.D.D. totally gets in the way), but I love to watch Comic Book Men on AMC! Because of the show, I’ve been sort of excited about comic book culture, and each comic character’s specific look and personality. I love how comic book women are so powerful and FIERCE.

With the movie The Avengers coming out, I thought I’d throw a little inspiration into the comic book fire. This isn’t a specific character look, it is something I made up on my own.. I’ll go by the name Neon Dior. I’ll shoot white lightning bolts out of my eyes or something like that. Super power suggestions are needed!

Here’s how I did it:

I purchased a white cosplay wig on Ebay for $15 bucks. I think the wig is what really sends this look into Comic Book Character territory. The wig is cut at an angled bob, with quite long bangs. I used a metal headband to accessorize the hair since the bangs were out of control! (Of course, it is best to put the wig cap and wig on LAST)


I do not prep with a makeup primer since my face is oily. I didn’t even use moisturizer since I sometimes sweat during long applications of makeup. (gross, I know!) I used a soft kabuki brush from Chanel to apply the liquid foundation (Beauty Society / Dazzling)  in a stippling motion. I added another coat of foundation after the first one dried. I applied MAC Studio Fix Pro powder in Shivering White. I used a MAC egg-shaped flat sponge and patted the powder on as if I was “hitting” myself. I applied quite a bit and then brushed off the excess with a dry/clean kabuki brush. My face was not completely white,  but very light, as you can see in the photos.


With an angled blush brush, I applied the Sephora Bronzer in Brun 12. It is a very dark purple/brown shade, so I only applied this to the contour of my cheeks. I added this color on the jawline and on the sides of my nose to create more contouring as the pale makeup erased all of my face’s shaping. There are many YouTube videos on how to contour the face using bronzer and highlighter if you wish to learn more.

I used a pop of color on the cheeks with Ben Nye’s Dusty Pink powder blush. This blush looks more like a coral color in the palette, but goes on pink. I love this blush for everyday use.


  • Here’s the tricky part. I used an all-over base of Kryolan’s AquaColor in White dry to wet face paint. This stuff is amazing and I use it all the time as a white eyeliner, eyeshadow base or just to have fun with. It was very inexpensive! I use a synthetic fiber flat and thin brush (Bare Escentuals)  to apply wet products to my eyes, and it works great with this particular product. When it dries, it is ready for the eyeshadow colors.
  • First, I applied my crease color, which was the Stila Cobalt Blue Smudge Pot cream liner. I applied it with the same brush I used to apply the Kryolan White product, but I made sure to wash all the white product off the brush first and dry it. This doesn’t have to be perfect, but just enough so the powder eyeshadow sticks to it. I applied the EMANI brand loose eyeshadow in Ocean View to the crease with the MAC 219 Pencil brush. I then blended the eyeshadow out in an upwards motion using the new MAC Duo Fibre 286 Blending Brush (with the white tip). I find this to be the best blending brush I’ve ever used.
  •  Using the synthetic brush again, I applied Calypso brand mineral eyeshadow in Lime Lite. I love the way this color really pops and brings out the blue shade of the crease color. I blended this using the MAC Duo brush again, just as I did for the blue shade.
  • I went over my bottom lid with the Kryloan white again since some of it had faded or had some blue shadow transferred onto it. I winged out the edges for an added dramatic touch.
  • Using the Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Zero, (black), I applied that to my lower inner rim and smudged that out using the MAC pencil brush and the EMANI Ocean View eyeshadow.
  •  Using NYX Liquid Black Liner, I applied a heavy line to the top lid, winging that out carefully upwards.
  • I applied a thin coat of MAC Zoom Fast Black mascara to top and bottom lashes, waited for that to dry, the applied the Ardell lashes in #138.. which I did not like. They were very hard to work with and very synthetic-feeling. I won’t purchase those again! I’ll stick with my MAC lashes next time. I applied a light coat of mascara after the lash glue dried to give them more volume and length.


I did something a little different here. I applied a dark brown matte MAC eyeshadow to the front portion of the brows then followed the arch and end of brow with the Avon Midnight Blue eyeliner pencil.

LIPS:  The FUN part at last!

The lips were easy. I took the Avon Midnight Blue eyeliner and lined my lips, smudging to lighten the harsh edge with my fingertip. I applied more liner to fill in the rest of my lips. I mixed on the back of my hand, the EMANI Ocean Blue loose eyeshadow and the MAC Mirror gloss and applied with a lip brush. After I blended well, I dabbed a tiny bit of the MAC gloss in the middle of my bottom lip to create more shine.

If you liked this look, Pin this on your Pinterest page, share on Facebook with your pals! Thank you for your support.. please, if you have requests for makeup looks or have questions, post them below!


XOXO -Krista Dior

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