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Guess which handbag I picked??

Every spring, I go on a great adventure to find a new handbag. I don’t care about the designer, the fabric (or sometimes the cost).. as long as I scream a little bit inside when I first lay my eyes on it. I found a variety of nice bags today, varying in price.. but it all came down to one.

This awesome Furla Candy Mini Bag With Shoulder Strap was really killing me. I love it, but the keyword here is “mini”. I am not a “mini” handbag carrier. I carry my whole life in my bag, so this wasn’t going to cut it.

Super fierce design with the gold pyramid studs and rubber material. A little too expensive for me to buy as a mini bag ($100 on on sale) so I bit my lip and skipped it.


Yet another Furla bag caught my eye. The Furla Royal Bauletto bag really was calling out to me.
Furla Royal BaulettoThe gold snap detail, the nice-sized handles and cool-looking tan corners looked like something I’d be proud to carry around. Very classy design. Leather with a 1 year warranty. Ahh.. it was in my online cart until something else jumped out at me!

I do however, almost feel like I still want this bag. I don’t have a ton of cash to splurge on this one at $290 (on sale at, but it does look expensive and unique, so I feel the price is just about right. Original price is listed at $480.


I’ve wanted the bigger sister version of this bag for quite some time. The chevron stripes, metallic detail and the antiqued hardware and leather rocked my socks off. The Fossil Vintage Re-Issue Flap is unfortunately too small for me. The bigger version had handles like the Furla bag above. Too bad it is out of stock everywhere and too expensive if you do manage to find it.

The bag is nice, and the price isn’t too bad at $140, down from $208 on Gotta skip it.. won’t fit all my junk! (OK, makeup.. not junk!)

This was HARD to delete from my cart. This sexy as hell, bomshell red leopard print handbag was ONLY $34. WHAT? Yeah, so I looked at it for a minute or two and decided it wasn’t really what I needed.


The Koret Handbags Leopardy Satchel is a total steal in my opinion. The 100% Polyurethane bag would be a great weekend fun bag, but I had to pass it up and continue the great hunt.  Oh man.. even the inside is lined in leopard print!
Koret Handbags Top Handle Satchel Still looking at the Koret handbag collection, I came across this unique piece. I almost bought this.. SO CLOSE. I love the two-tone shades of rich red and dark gray. The colors look so modern and couture together. I really wanted this and still do!

The Koret Handbags Top Handle Satchel has amazing leopard print on the inside to top it all off. The bag looked slightly smaller than what I wanted, so I did decide to skip it. 100% Polyurethane.. surprising right? It looks so much like leather. On sale for only $41.24!


Ok.. drumroll for the final pick!


I couldn’t help it. I love lightweight nylon bags. This Boulevard Lenox Natasha bag had all the features I wanted at a sale price of $127.49. The size looks great and what really sold me was the pleated front pocket.. for my cell phone, wireless hub and all the other tech stuff I carry with me back and forth to work everyday.
The inside of the bag boasts a golden feather pattern, bright enough in color so I can find my junk when I need it quickly. The gold hardware and small details are what I love about this bag. The handles are short enough for me to carry closely to my body, especially needed when I’m standing on a busy train.
My concern for this bag is that now that I look at the feature description, it states that the bag cannot be shipped to California. Uhh weird. I am in CA and it said the bag will arrive in 5-7 days on my confirmation slip. We’ll see! I’ll post more info once I get it into my hands!
What do you think!? Post your thoughts below!