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Krista Dior's Holiday Makeup Look

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Here is a close up of the eyes:

Krista Dior's Holiday Makeup Look

This look took about 1.5 hours to complete because of the pesky rhinestone jewels that I had to place with glue and tweezers. It is basically like doing surgery!

Quick Tutorial Notes:


I applied two coats of foundation: Beauty Society Liquid Foundation in “Dazzling” (let that dry) and the NYX HD Foundation. I let my face dry a little and then applied the Jane Iredale Amazing Base Loose Powder all over to set. After that, I applied a light coat of NYX Chrome Loose Eyeshadow in Sand all over for a glow.


I used a thin coat of Kryolan Aqua Color in White, which is used with a synthetic fiber brush and a little water. This makes a great base, especially when you plan on wearing bright colors. My inspiration for this look is New Year’s Eve at midnight & Pink Champagne. I used the MAC Pro Matte Pink Pigment in the crease and then a lighter matte pink shade above that color from the Coastal Scents 88 Palette. Above that shade, right below the brow, I applied the NYX Sand Pigment. I lined the inner rim of my eyes with the Stila for Barbie Cobalt blue gel eyeliner. Below that line, I applied a midnight blue shade of eyeshadow from the Sephora Studio Blockbuster Kit. On the upper lid, I made a thick line with the NYX Black Liquid Eyeliner  (which is very black!) waited for that to dry, then applied a flick of white using the Kryolan White Aquacolor, the same product I used as a base.

When the black liquid eyeliner dried, I applied some Ardell eyelash glue on the back of my hand. I dipped an angled eyebrow brush into the glue and then dipped my brush into a pot of iredescent pink glitter.I carefully tapped the brush over the black eyeliner, and successfully did not remove any! I just wanted to give it a sheer sparkle.

The kinda fun part began when I started applying the eye crystals. I used Crystazzi rhinestones from Michael’s craft store and a pair of slanted tweezers to apply. I used the Ardell lash glue first on the eyes where I wanted the crystals, then placed them with the tweezers. I lost a few crystals in the process, but found them later!

The lashes were the last to go on.. and they are HUGE. These are the NYX Kittie Lashes ! My fiance had an idea of painting the tips, so I actually applied lash glue to the tips of the lashes and dipped them in a matte neon pink glitter from Medusa Cosmetics.

Applied another rhinestone at the corners of my eyes for one last added effect.


I used an NYX 835 Pinky Slim Lip Liner and a matte neon pink lipstick from the older Sephora Collection.


I had my fiance draw the 2012 on my face for me, since it is very difficult to do it yourself in the mirror backwards! I used the same Pinky NYX pencil to trace the lines he made. I then applied the Ardell lash glue to the areas where I wanted to place a rhinestone and carefully applied with the tweezers. That is IT! I didn’t use blush or bronzer.

Necklace by Betsey Johnson and red ruffle dress by Roaman’s.



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