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Winter 2011 Contest! Win Cute Gifts from Hana!

HANA Air Professional Hair Dryer Review

HANA Air Professional Hair Dryer Review

Some of us are still repairing the damage that the summer sun did to our hair, some of us (me) got extensions and basically bought themselves healthy hair. Either way, protecting your hair from heat damage is a must, and there are multiple ways to do so, but you will have to make some investments to start.

After I had my extensions done, I left the salon with the most gorgeous hair of my life, but in the back of my mind, I would hear my stylist’s lecture about not being able to let my hair air dry after washing. This worried me since I’ve always air-dried my hair to minimize the damage from the hair dryer. I played with the thought of buying a new hair dryer, but didn’t know what to get or what features I should look for.

I received the HANA Air Professional Hair Dryer as a gift and could not wait to try it out. Let me just say that I was literally “blown away” by its performance. This very powerful dryer had my roots totally dry in less than 10 minutes (I have thick hair) my entire head was also dry in not much time after that! I like the cool shot setting that helps you set your style. I do not personally style my hair with a blow dryer, I use the best flat iron, ghd gold professional, to make my curls after my hair is dry. I can imagine for those who do rely on a hair dryer for hair styling would love this dryer. My hair is smooth, not frizzy or fried, especially after I use Alterna Caviar Photo-Age Defense (Paraben-Free) on towel-dried hair and then Rusk Thermal Serum (Alcohol-Free) to add more heat protection. When my hair is dry, I spray on a very light mist of Regis Cashmere Spray and then use the flat iron to create sleek styles.

The Hana Air Professional is now on sale at for $194.99, saving you 42% off the original price of $334.99! This professional hair dryer is worth it! I read some of the reviews and most people feel the same as I do.. it is amazing! According to the website, this hair dryer is more popular than the T3 hair dryer. More facts about this pure tourmaline ionic dryer can be found on

The Contest: Win Prizes from HANA

My last contest, the CoverGirl Smokey Eye Contest, had a couple happy winners who received some great prizes from Cover Girl cosmetics. This year, I am giving away more prizes than ever.. and they are just adorable!


Bobbi Brown Brush Set

Bobbi Brown Brush Roll:  One lucky winner will receive this brush roll with a nice set of mini-brushes and vinyl brush roll. I honestly do not think these brushes are authentic Bobbi Brown brand, but the quality is good and it makes for a nice travel set or gift.
E.L.F. Eyelash Curler & HANA Hair Serum

E.L.F brand eyelash curler & HANA Shine Shield Serum: One lucky winner will receive this eyelash curler and mini shine serum from HANA. Comes with plush pouch that could be used as a sunglasses case.

Satin Sleep Mask and Nail Kit

HANA Sleep Mask with Three Emory Boards and Hand Sanitizer: One lucky winner will enjoy a good night’s sleep with this satin sleep mask! Three HANA emory boards and hand sanitizer are also included with a satin pouch.

Heat Resistant Pouch

HANA Heat Proof Pouch for Flat Irons: One lucky winner will receive this HANA heat proof pouch for a flat iron. Also comes with three HANA emory boards, hand sanitizer and satin pouch.

Paul Mitchell Shampoo and Rinse

Grand Prize! Paul Mitchell Extra Body Shampoo and Rinse, Rose Petal Soaps and HANA VIP Discount Card! : One very lucky winner will receive this big package on their doorstep! You’ll get two full sized bottles of Paul Mitchell Extra Body Shampoo and Rinse. (About a $25 value).  Inside, you’ll find a HANA VIP Card wich entitles you to: FREE 2 oz. HANA Shine Shield Serum with every HANA styling tool purchase on, $10 Off all HANA styling tools over $74, $20 Off all HANA styling tools over $119, $30 Off all HANA styling tool orders over $174.  (Get the HANA Air Pro Dryer at $30 off!)


The rules are simple…

1. “LIKE” my page on Facebook. On the upper right corner of this blog, there is a Facebook Like button. Hit it and go to the Facebook page for If you do not have a Facebook page, that is fine, you may also subscribe to the feed, join using Google + or Twitter.  Choose one of the buttons below to add me to your social network! If you already “Like”, just skip to #2.

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3. Send me the proof. Email me the link to your Facebook page, Twitter page, etc. to show me where you shared this post. You may send a screenshot if you prefer or if you have a private account. Please use an email address that you will check often because I will email you AND send you a note on Facebook if you have won a prize. Please send your proof and full name to: . You may also email me on my Facebook page.

4. Wait for contest to end. Contest ends on December 31st, 2011 at midnight. I will notify winners before January 8th, 2012. Winners are chosen completely at random. Yes.. eeny meenie miney mo style. Actually, I think it would be fun if I put everyone’s name in a hat and video taped me picking them… I think I’ll do that.

5. Claim your prize. If your name was chosen and I have contacted you as a winner of a prize, please email me back with the address you would like your prize sent to. Prizes should be received before February 1st, 2012.

Stuff to protect me: I am not responsible for any damaged or unreceived prizes. Please check your local post office for any unclaimed packages that you may have missed. I am also not at all responsible for any misuse of prizes or injuries caused by irresponsible use of prizes. Please read the instructions on any package before use. Gifts provided by

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