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Ebay Sale! Platinum Blonde Toners, Red Hair Color & More!

Hey beauties! I am having an internet sale… I feel like saying “Everything must go!”, because unfortunately, I am running out of storage space at my home. I am selling the following items:

Click on the titles to go to the Ebay links :

Platinum Blonde Toners & Shampoo Lot – Fanci-Full, Shimmer Lights, Wella, Redken:
Fanci-Full Color Styling Mousse in White Minx – Used about 3 times.
This product is great for toning down yellowness and boosting the white tone in the hair. Washes out at your next shampoo.

Two bottles of Fanci-Full Temporary Rinse in #52 White Minx – I have two of these up for auction. Both have been lightly used.
One bottle is the original formula of White Minx, which is an easy-to-use rinse that you use on damp hair to cancel out yellow tones in the hair and condition the hair at the same time. The darker bottle of the product is more of a gel-texture product, the new formula, which does the same thing, except with a thicker consistency. Washes out at next shampoo.

Clairol Shimmer Lights Shampoo – About 9 oz left of product.
This shampoo works excellent for toning yellow tones from hair and achieving an icy white blonde shade. With continuous use of this shampoo, your hair may not need to be toned as often. If the hair takes on too much of a lavendar tone, discontinue use for about two washings.

Two bottles of Wella Color Fresh in Silver (Only found in the UK/Europe) – One bottle is slightly used.
This product was recommended to me from a few people in the UK. This is a semi-permanent silver toner that will last through about 8 washes. Please read the product’s packaging before use.

Two brand new bottles of Redken Shades 09T Chrome and 09V Platinum Ice. 2 oz each.
This product is a permanent toner which requires the Redken Shades EQ Processing Solution (I found mine on Amazon/Ebay). I used 1 part Chrome and 1 part Platinum Ice with equal amount of the processing solution. Results may vary.

Schwarzkopf Live Color XXL – #43 Red Passion — A gorgeous permanent red color that can only be found in the UK.

Clairol Soy 4Plex Permanent Hair Color 10N/12B1 Lightest Neutral Blonde – This is not a blonde toner, this is blonde permanent hair dye.

Yves Rocher Inositol Végétal Line Smoothing Eye Cream – Found this brand on my trip to France. I love everything! I just don’t have room for more eye creams!


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