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Chantecaille Fall 2011 Collection

Chantecaille Fall 2011

Chantecaille Fall 2011 Classic Palette

Chantecaille is one of my favorite cosmetic brands that many haven’t heard of before. The brand is geared more towards the mature woman, but I find that the colors, textures and quality of this French-born brand to be superb for a person of any age.  This fall, the Classic Eye Shadow Palette (left) will take the stage as the newest addition to the brand. I absolutely love the colors from the palette as they are very wearable and youthful.. the coral/pink shade is LOVELY.

You can pre-order this palette at Neiman Marcus online for $85, and it is said it will ship before 8/31.

In addition to this great palette, there are thankfully some lip colors to match!

Sheer bright lips and brown berry shades are the look to go with the neutral plum / apricot eyes.
Chantecaille Classics LipThe The Lip Chic shade in Violetta gives a high shine look of a gloss with the rich, even coverage of a lipstick. Its lightweight formula makes it easy to wear and the versatile plum shade goes great with the fall wardrobe.

The lip liner in Effect will work great with the Violetta shade as well.





Chantecaille BlushHmm.. I love these handy Poudre de Perle blushes.. but are they part of the Fall collection? I didn’t see any pre-order information, so I am assuming these are part of a permanent collection. I also did not see any suggested blush shades on the Neiman Marcus website to go with the Classics Collection. Anyhow, I thought that the golden peach refillable blush would go with ANYTHING. It’s gorgeous. I love the packaging.

Apparently, this blush color, Perle Biwa, is sold out on the site, but you might want to try to purchase it here from Neiman Marcus.

I really love this high-end brand… a little bit pricey, but since the collections are usually pretty small, I don’t feel overwhelmed to buy a ton of stuff. A lot of the products are produced with no parabens, which is becoming more important to me lately, so I can appreciate that Chantecaille is a brand that cares about their client’s skin.

What do you think of this collection? Small but gorgeous?

Love, K.D.

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