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Haul Time… Sephora Free Goodies, True Blood Palette & more!

Free Sephora Samples

Give me some time to process all of this….

Hot Tools Curling Iron
and this…

I was literally sweating in the mall tonight… I bought a lot and received free stuff along the way! Doesn’t get any better than this! My first stop was at Planet Beauty in San Jose, where my lovely hair magician, Alli, showed me the awesome No! No! Hair Removal Gadget and the Hot Tools Pink Titanium 1 1/2 inch curling iron. I happened to stumble across the new Ardell Brush On Lash Glue, which might be interesting, (it got a bad review on we will have to see!

My next stop was Sephora and my eyeballs were glued to the True Blood palette by Tarte Cosmetics. Wow. So, since I’m getting old and all, I am starting to become extremely aware of crap that I put on my face. Yes. your face eats makeup for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I am turning into one of those “granola” makeup artists, I will admit. I cant wait to sink my teeth.. er.. brushes into these True Blood eyeshadow shades and post them up for you!

Next.. I was surprised to see I was getting a gift from Sephora.. not even expecting this.. but you see the picture above? Yes, I received sample sizes of the following: Benefit Stay Don’t Stray EyeShadow Primer, Phyto Phytolisse Serum for smoothing out frizzies, NARS Pro Prime Primer, Stila Sheer Color Tinted Moisturizer, Buxom Mascara, DDF Acne Control Treatment, Philosophy Miracle Worker Anti Aging Moisturizer, and an adorable Toki Doki Adieu rollerball perfume! UHHH! Love! Where was all of this when I was going to France in May? I could have used this stuff over there!

Anyway, as you can see, I have a lot to do.. a lot to review and consume.

Love, K.D.

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