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Anastasia Beauty Express Brow Kit Video!

“Beauty Express” brow-kit instructional video from Anastasia Beverly Hills on Vimeo.

Everyone that knows me, knows I’m obsessed with either my blonde hair or my eyebrows. Thing is.. when I dyed my hair blonde, it was hard to get my naturally dark auburn eyebrows to compliment my light platinum blonde locks. I was thinking to myself that if Madonna could do it and get away with the look, I should too.. right? Wrong. I look awful with near-black brows and platinum hair! On the hunt for the perfect brow products, I found, of course, the Anastasia line, looking at me right under my nose.

In the coming days ahead, I will be posting a little more about my experiences with Anastasia products.. and I can’t wait! Who knew she also had a bronzer called Illumin8 or a lip gloss line? Wow. I’ve been missing out!

Click on the products in the image map below to learn more about these new items from Anastasia. (Check out Britney Spears below, too!)
Anastasia Brow Express

Anastasia Highlighting Creme Duo HydraFull Lip Gloss Lash Lifting Mascara Tinted Brow Gel Illumin8 Bronzer
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    • I finally got both kits last week! One to try and one to give away…. I emailed the person who originally contacted me again and it seems like after I did that, they sent it right away!

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