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MAC Fall and Winter 2011 Style Report from Paris

Well, here we are again! Last year’s MAC 2010 Fall/Winter Style Report blog was my most popular post ever, so I thought I’d bring you this year’s preview to add to your bookmarks!

From Fashion Week in Paris , March, 2011  .. more Paris looks to post soon! Some of these looks are not perfectly accurate as to what was seen on the Paris runways.


“Youth lady.”- Tom Pecheux

Elie Saab Fashion Week Fall 2011

Elie Saab Makeup


  • MAC NW15 Studio Sculpt Concealer – applied over the eyelids in order to achieve a pale effect
  • Haute & Naughty Mascara in Haute & Naughty Black – used on the upper lashes
  • Lofty Brown Zoom Lash Mascara – applied on the lower lashes
    Fascinating Eye Kohl and M·A·C PRO Chromagraphic NC15 Pencil – applied through the waterline of lower lashes to brighten eyes
    204 Lash Brush – used to brush brows upward for simple grooming


  • Front Row Lipstick (available Autumn/Winter 2011) – applied as a stain over the entire lip
  • M·A·C PRO Gloss Texture – applied with abundance over lips for a high sheen


  • Care Blends Essential Oils, Grapefruit + Chamomile – blended over skin to hydrate and create a youthful glow
  • Face and Body Foundation – blended over skin with fingers, for a fresh finish
  • Tea Petal Cremeblend Blush – applied with fingers under the cheekbones for a subtle contour

To see more Elie Saab designs and makeup looks, check out Fashion Gone Rogue.


“Real people in the elements, with four sections of people…”- Val Garland
Moncler Gamme Rouge Makeup
Moncler Gamme Rouge Runway Look
Scene 1:People still wearing some of last night’s party makeup


  • Smolder Eye Kohl – applied through the upper and lower waterlines of lashes and smudged with purpose to resemble “last night’s left over makeup”


  • Prince Noir Lipstick (available Autumn/Winter 2011) – applied and then rubbed off to achieve “last night’s vino-stained mouth”


  • Studio Moisture Tint SPF 15 – blended with concealer only where necessary for a clean, minimal finish

Scene 4: People in the snow, with “rosy” cheeks
Frost Bitten Makeup Look

  • Shell Cream Colour Base – lightly applied to the eyelids with fingers


  • New Temptation Sheen Supreme Lipstick – blended over the entire lip with fingers


  • Studio Moisture Tint SPF 15 – blended over skin with concealer only where necessary for a minimal look
  • Shell Cream Colour Base – blended over cheekbones, and tip of nose
  • New Temptation Sheen Supreme Lipstick – swept over cheekbones, and bridge of nose with
    fingers for a chilled effect


“It’s dominatrix, fetish, tough.”- Lucia Pieroni
Emanuel Ungaro Makeup
Ungaro Runway Look

  • 8 Lash and 1 Lash – trimmed and applied over upper lashes
    Zoomblack Zoom Lash Mascara – accentuates upper lashes


  • M·A·C PRO Dim Lip Erase – blended over lips to tone down natural shine


  • Face and Body Foundation – blended over skin for a natural finish
    Studio Careblend/Pressed Powder – applied through the middle of the face for a polished, matte effect


“It’s a boy-girl thing – a well-groomed brow, clean, skin perfection…it’s a very boyish, real makeup.” – Val Garland

Ungaro Makeup Look Fall 2011

Valli Runway Look

  • Shell Cream Colour Base – perfects eyelids and adds a subtle sheen Curled lashes
  • Impeccable Brow Pencils – the appropriate shade for each model was chosen to sculpt and define brows
  • Clear Brow Set – for a brushed-up boy brow
    Coffee Eye Pencil – applied through the waterline of lower lashes to accentuate eyes


  • Peachstock Lipstick– buffed over the entire lip for a nude effect
  • Pure Magnificence Cremesheen Glass (available Autumn/Winter 2011) – applied over the lips for a glossy sheen


  • Strobe Liquid – blended over the skin for a luminous base
  • Select Cover-Up Concealer – applied where needed to perfect
  • Shell Cream Colour Base – blended over the high planes of the face as a ‘luxury highlight’
  • Studio Careblend/Pressed Powder – swept along the sides of the nose and forehead
  • Bark M·A·C PRO Sculpting Cream (available Autumn/Winter 2011) – for a soft contour under cheekbones


“It’s pure Seventies hippy chic – a hybrid between Anita Pallenberg and Charlotte Rampling.” – Charlotte Tilbury
Chloe Makeup Looks Fall 2011

Chloe Makeup for Fall 2011

  • M·A·C PRO Dark Brown Cream Colour Base – all around the eye, very diffused so it’s soft, not smoky
  • Studio Moisture Cream – applied over the upper eyelids for a moist, but not glassy sheen
  • M·A·C PRO Lash Curler – used to achieve a super-curled upper lash
  • Zoomblack Zoom Lash Mascara – several coats on both upper and lower lashes
  • Fling or Lingering Eye Brows – accentuates and sculpts the brow


  • Freckletone Lipstick – patted on the lips and then lightly powdered, for a creamy finish


  • Studio Moisture Cream blended with Select Cover-Up Concealer – blended over skin for a radiant, light coverage
  • Medium, Medium Deep or Dark Mineralize Skinfinish – used in the appropriate shade to contour the cheeks and warm the centre of the face
  • Cork and Stone Lip Pencils – used to imitate a smattering of freckles across the nose and cheeks
  • M·A·C PRO Invisible Set Powder – applied over the middle of the face where needed


“She’s a talented, unique, artistic woman – maybe someone like Georgia O’ Keefe or Frida Kahlo – it’s more about translating a mood and an emotion.” – Tom Pecheux
Kenzo Makeup Fall 2011
Kenzo makeup looks

  • Chestnut PRO Sculpting Cream (available Autumn/Winter 2011) – blended over the entire eyelid and under the eye
  • Impeccable Brow Pencils – the appropriate shade for each model applied to give the brow a more masculine feel
  • Taupe Eye Pencil – accentuates the lashline
    No mascara – to keep the masculine feel


  • Bordeauxline Powerpoint Eye Pencil – drawn onto the lip with more concentration in the centre, fading out to the edges for a stained effect


  • Studio Sculpt SPF 15 Foundation – applied and blended only where needed
  • M·A·C PRO Sculpting Powders – appropriate shades chosen and blended for subtle contours


“It’s a lip focus, picked out in fresh colours and with a flatter (rather than a rounder) shape so that the girls look younger more than sophisticated… it’s happy and fresh.” – Carole Colombani
Mabille Makeup Fall 2011
Mabille Red Lipstick Look

  • Blanc Type Eye Shadow – softly blended on the eyelid
  • Wedge Eye Shadow – blended onto the inner corners and up into the brows
  • Espresso Eye Shadow – softly blended into the roots of the upper and lower lashes
  • 30 Lash – placed individually on bare lashes to open up the eyes, without any mascara


  • M·A·C PRO Virgin Isle Cream Colour Base and Impassioned Lipstick – blended together for a bright hibiscus shade
  • M·A·C PRO Basic Red Paint Stick, defined with Basic Red Chromagraphic Pencil – applied for a classic red
  • Dubonnet Lipstick, defined with Redd Lip Pencil – blended for the perfect brick


  • Matchmaster Foundation (available Autumn/Winter 2011) – for a matte but delicate coverage
  • Blanc Type Eye Shadow – to highlight the cheekbones
  • Peaches Powder Blush – low on the cheeks and swept back into the hairline


“It’s modern minimalism, chic, sharp and youthful with a definite Sixties twist.” – Sally Branka
Costume National Makeup Look

  • Engraved Powerpoint Eye Pencil – accentuates the lashline
  • M·A·C PRO Black Black Chromaline mixed with PRO Eye Liner Mixing Medium – drawn in a fine line along the socket
  • Pro Longwear Gloss Coat – painted over the slash of liner to give it a gloss finish


  • Lip Conditioner SPF 15 – hydrates and prepares the lips
  • M·A·C PRO Matte Mixing Medium – gives the lip a polished, finished effect without colour


  • Studio Moisture Fix – hydrates and prepares skin
  • Care Blends Essential Oils, Sweet Orange + Lavender – prepares and adds luminosity to skin
  • Fix + – refreshes and hydrates skin before and after foundation
  • Face and Body Foundation – applied sparingly for a natural finish
  • Prep + Prime Highlighter Pen (available Autumn/Winter 2011) – perfects and brightens under eye area
  • Pearl or Luna Cream Colour Base – blended over the high planes of the face for a subtle highlight


“It’s not about a dramatic look – I wanted to create a precious, magical woman: strong and sophisticated but delicate, with a champagne-like reflection to the eyes…you want to see the girl, not just ‘a makeup.” – Stéphane Marais
Haider Ackermann Photos of Makeup
Ackermann makeup fall 2011

  • Stripdown Lip Pencil – drawn in a ‘C’ shape around the eyes and smudged into the skin for a fragile shadowed effect
  • Taupe Impeccable Brow Pencil – drawn through the socket and blended with a finger
  • Waveline Fluidline – applied through the waterline of lower lashes
  • Shroom Eye Shadow and Silver Dusk Iridescent Powder/ Loose – applied along the upper and lower lashlines with 266 Small Angle Brush
  • M∙A∙C PRO Lash Curler – used to open up eyes


  • Studio Sculpt SPF 15 Concealer mixed with Lip Conditioner SPF 15 – blended over the lips to tone down natural colour


  • Studio Sculpt SPF 15 Foundation – blended into hydrated skin for a natural finish
  • Studio Sculpt SPF 15 Concealer – applied and blended where needed to perfect skin
  • Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder – swept through the middle of the face for a polished effect


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