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Are MAC Shadesticks discontinued?

MAC ShadestickWow.  So,  I went on , the Mac Cosmetics Pro website,  last night to re-order a few things such as my beloved Penultimate Brow Marker and to take a look at some Shadesticks. Well, to my absolute horror, the Shadesticks were nowhere to be found!!!

Are you serious? I only own two Shadesticks… Sharkskin being my most favorite, and I did not see them listed anywhere on the Mac Cosmetics website. When I tried and, the Shadesticks were listed as unavailable.

What is going on?? If anyone has more information, please comment below. I couldn’t find anything on the net about this.

Terrible news for MAC fans if this is true. I loved these! The only thing I didn’t like about them was the mechanism of the pencil would break.. on both of my shadesticks.. so it is possible they are repackaging this product. Let’s hope for the best!

I do see some available on Amazon marketplace and of course Ebay.

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5 Responses to Are MAC Shadesticks discontinued?

  1. I know I couldn’t believe it, why would they stop them!!??! I work at 6 am and shadesticks are so handy to just scribble on my eyes before i run into work. Sharkskin is my favorite too. I have just seen the new limited edition ones so i might order a couple and see how the colours match up, there isn’t a black one but there looks like there is a dark silvery one If the colours are good I will stock up before they go again!!!

    • I know.. I wouldn’t mind it if they brought it back for limited edition because I would stock up. They last me quite a bit, so I wouldn’t need to purchase but once a year.

  2. Yes it is sad but true that MAC discontinued all shadesticks. It happened at the beginning of this year. I spoke with a MAC artist today at Macy’s and found out that there will be 4 shadesticks in MACs Fall 2011 launch which will debut on August 25th. A few of the shadesticks will be repromotes of prior shades and there will be some new shades as well. Besides Amazon and EBay, Cosmetic Companies Outlet usually stock discontinued MAC products.

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