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Are MAC Shadesticks discontinued?

MAC ShadestickWow.  So,  I went on , the Mac Cosmetics Pro website,  last night to re-order a few things such as my beloved Penultimate Brow Marker and to take a look at some Shadesticks. Well, to my absolute horror, the Shadesticks were nowhere to be found!!!

Are you serious? I only own two Shadesticks… Sharkskin being my most favorite, and I did not see them listed anywhere on the Mac Cosmetics website. When I tried and, the Shadesticks were listed as unavailable.

What is going on?? If anyone has more information, please comment below. I couldn’t find anything on the net about this.

Terrible news for MAC fans if this is true. I loved these! The only thing I didn’t like about them was the mechanism of the pencil would break.. on both of my shadesticks.. so it is possible they are repackaging this product. Let’s hope for the best!

I do see some available on Amazon marketplace and of course Ebay.