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Seche Vite UV Lamp Quick Dries Nails in a Few Minutes!

Seche Vite Utra UV Top CoatI don’t know about you, but I hate it when I just get through painting an awesome two coats of OPI Nail polish and a thick top coat and then I realize that I haven’t even gotten dressed yet…try putting on jeans with wet nails! Terrible! Well, I’ve found a really great solution that takes a total of 9 minutes to completely dry any nail polish (no matter how thick or wet!) with the Seche Ultra-V UV Curable Top Coat and the super-cool Seche Ultra-V UV Lamp, all available at Sally Beauty Supply!


Seche UV LampHow it worked for me: I applied my favorite Essie brand base coat first, let that dry just enough so that my color polish didn’t ruin it, then applied two coats of OPI nail polish, applied a glitter top coat, then I applied the Seche Ultra-V UV Curable Top Coat to four of my nails on my left hand, except my thumb, (because the lamp is really small and doesn’t accommodate all of your fingers at once) put those fingers under the UV lamp for three minutes and repeated the process on the other hand. I then applied the UV coating to my thumbs and cured those last, for a total of 9 minutes to completely DRY all of my nails. The Seche UV topcoat is very shiny and gorgeous!

You may then continue your day without worry of ruining your nail polish. The UV top coat sells for $7 and the UV Lamp was only $25! The replacement bulbs can only be purchased on the Sally’s website and only go for $5.50 each.

Pros: Wow.. this is a spiffy ultra-  portable UV lamp that cures your nail polish in minutes.

Cons: Love it… but I wish I could at least put my entire hand under the UV lamp at once.

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