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Pop Singer Katy Perry did not Invent Crackle Nail Polish!

Katy Perry OPI nail PolishSo, when I was a 20 year old gal, trying to scrape money up to pay for college, I worked at a trashy drug store in the cosmetics department. I didn’t know how to use the register, so I was kinda mean to the customers so they wouldn’t bother me with ringing things up. I spent most of my time playing with the makeup, since we actually had testers available for most products. I remember when we got the shipment in of crackle nail polish.. this was the late 1990s.. and I flipped my lid over this beauty breakthrough, but after two uses, I was totally “over it”. It didn’t really look as good as it did in the promo photos and it chipped off after one day. In the garbage it went! The crackle nail polish fad lasted one summer long.. then it was over… only to reappear about 14 years later on Katy Perry’s fingernails. Double fail.

I’m trying to understand the excitement. I’ve been in two stores this week – Planet Beauty and Sally Beauty Supply, only to find every other customer asking about this OPI Katy Perry Crackle Nail Polish. There are signs up in beauty stores stating that it is out of stock. What is the big flipping deal?!? Anyway, call me an old bitter ass who rarely falls for the whole “celebrity created beauty products” scam. Does Jessica Simpson sit on a stool in a workshop and cobble up shoe designs in her spare time? Umm.. no. I doubt she even knows how to draw out a prototype of a shoe. If she does, then I’ll poo a brick.

Needless to say, I’m not 12, I don’t need a celebrity-labeled reinvention of a crappy 90’s nail polish. I do, however, love nail polish by OPI… and if this nail polish is mind-blowing, please let me know, because I am a skeptic!

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6 Responses to Pop Singer Katy Perry did not Invent Crackle Nail Polish!

  1. Finally someone else out there realizes that this whole crackle thing is NOT new! Everybody looked at me like I was crazy when I said that crackle polish is an old thing, that they had it out in the 90s. glad to know I’m not nutso! I’m not that big a fan of it, it never seems to work that well. that’s just my opinion tho.

  2. Hey crackle is mindblowing, im young so i think its cool and basically a new fad, i am actually doing a science fair project on it.

  3. I found my crackle nail polish at walmart for $4 last week 🙂 the first time i ever used it was in 1997 for halloween when i was in middle school. i honestly have looked for it in adulthood for a few yrs goin now. and while i dont enjoy “celebrity-labeled reinvention of a crappy 90â€ēs nail polish” i did giggle when i saw it and had to try it again 🙂 it was fun for about 5 sec, i have no plans on wearing this on the reg. fun to see it in stores again though!

  4. I missed out on the early crackles – so now I have Black Shatter and Silver Shatter, both of which I have yet to put to use. I do love OPI polishes however, and have seen lovely pics of the Shatters. I think they must have improved from the earlier version!

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