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L’Oreal Double Extend Eye Illuminator Mascara – Black Crystal Review

L'Oreal Double Extend MascaraI am flipping out over this mascara!!! I’ve been on a rampage looking for that new “wow” factor mascara and I think I’ve found it. Unfortunately, I see this product as being one of those fad items that will be discontinued within the year, so I am trying not to rely on it. Here is my review of this lovely new addition to the L’Oreal mascara family.

L’Oreal Double Extend Eye Illuminator Mascara is a really fun mascara with two products connected to a double-ended wand. The mascara side is .21 oz  (L’Oreal Telescopic  Carbon Black Mascara is .27 oz, just to give you an idea of how much product you get) and will run you close to $11 per tube. Of course, if you compare this price to a Lancome mascara, this will seem like a total bargain, but if you are a drug store mascara shopper, like myself, this price is definitely in the upper price range. I’d look around for coupons and promotions for this product before purchasing.

The mascara wand itself is a pretty clean-looking round bristle brush, no weird smell to the formula, and surprisingly not a clumpy formula for what it does to your lashes. The Black Crystal mascara is very, very black, which I like, and I only needed about one coat to fully max out my lashes. I was super impressed with the false-lash look it left me with, no clumps, and no flaking. I have oily eye lids and I did not end up seeing this mascara floating around my under eye area.

I let the mascara dry on my eyes for about 30 seconds or so before applying the sparkle formula. The brush is round on the tip and tapers downwards to a short bristle style. I only used the rounded tip of the brush to apply the sparkles, which are bluish / purple iridescent tiny specks (very tiny) which are very subtle, but noticeable close-up.

I will surely use this mascara everyday until it runs dry! I really love it. I sort of expected the sparkles to be a bit more noticeable, but I still ended up loving it. I am curious about trying the THREE other shades of crystal colors which all include the same black mascara and a Copper (for blue eyes), Bronze (for green eyes) and a Purple Quartz ( for brown eyes)  crystal formula. The black crystal formula is good for all eye shades.

How about you.. do you want to try all four formulas? I sure do!!

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