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MAC Spring / Summer 2011 Trends Part II

As spring gets closer and closer (it will be in the 70s this week where I am!) I am getting excited about the spring and summer color trends from MAC for this year. Wait until you see some of these wild & colorful trends… not for the color-shy!

From Beauty this season is all about focus in on the counterpoints that make a makeup modern. It’s about understanding how to perfectly complement yet counterbalance the mood of a designer’s collection with the right beauty statement…. Or how to translate the season’s retro references into a contemporary makeup by means of subtle tweaks. More than ever, makeup artists are exploring the idea that it’s all about the juxtapositions…. A vivid Basquiat-bold lip on a stripped-back skin (Pop Classic). Saccharine sweet colour applied in an avant-garde manner (Ice Dream). A stripped back, minimalist face to counter a complex collection (Raw Fined). Exploring the precise points of contrast between light and shade in a tan-toned face (Terra Copper). Whatever the vibe, this season’s makeup is big on brave statements, experimental textures, handsome femininity and, above all, an excitement about putting the art back in artistry…. Boldly go forth!



Classic shapes, uber saturated colour… Take a classically precise lip or a sleek liquid liner and turn it on its head with a Basquiat treatment of COLOUR. Think chemical orange. Fluoro hibiscus pink. Ascerbic magenta. Red is still relevant, but it has dropped last season’s glamour and picked up an edgier vibe. Hot, energetic and always worn with a counterbalance of low-key skin and most probably a mascara-less lash. It’s taking the dominant fashion idea of COLOUR BLOCKING and translating it on the face. This makeup takes classic shape and perfect placement, then turns it up with super saturated colours. UP THE INTENSITY!

Create this Look:
Foundation:  Studio Fix Fluid and Face & Body Foundation
Concealer:  Studio Sculpt Concealer

Brows:  Clear Brow Set
Eyelid:  Royal Wink Fluidline, Hi Def Cyan Chromagraphic Pencil, Clear Gloss, Clear Lipglass
Mascara: Hi Def Cyan Chromacake on lashes.

Liner/Contour: Chromagraphic Pencil NC15 / NW 20
Highlight: Clear Lipglass


icedream3_277icedream2_277 icedream4_277icedream1_277

Pastel shades, avante-garde application…The flora-fauna fantasies on SS2011’s runways have alighted into makeup: pastel shades have shrugged off their bridal ways and come over all clean, controlled and uncannily pretty. The new pastels are about taking super delicate colours but wearing them in a way that effectively makes them as accessible as naturals, only with a more directional feel. Chalky not pearlescent, more Futuristic-Mod than mother-of-the-bride, the new way to wear shades of LILAC, LEMON, PISTACHIO, MARSHMALLOW and DUCK-EGG is as one simple statement, on a face that’s otherwise perfected in gentle takes on taupe and nude. Pretty with a punked-up undertone, this is super feminine at its most forward thinking…

“The modern pastel is all about technology and technique – it’s to do with changing up the texture with a gloss or a super matte finish…it really taps into the feeling that this is very much an artistic, brave and experimental season.”

Create this Look:

Foundation: Mineralize Satin Finish SPF15 Foundation, Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Medium Deep Dark
Concealer: Studio Sculpt Concealer
Cheek: Peaches Powder Blush, Gold Pigment top of cheek bones

Brows: Clear Brow Set
Crease: M·A·C Pro Rich Purple and Pure White Paint Stick / Stars and Rockets Eye Shadow
Eyelid: M·A·C Pro Rich Purple and Pure White Paint Stick / Stars and Rockets Eye Shadow
Mascara: Black Fibre Rich Lash

Highlight: Shy Girl Crème Sheen Lipstick and Clear Lipglass for extra shine.


Nude, minimal makeup, contrasting textures and Maximizing the minimal is where this season’s bare, stripped-back trend is heading: poles apart from the androgynous, blanked-out beauty we’ve seen in the past, the contemporary incarnation of natural beauty is altogether more feminine and multi-faceted with an elegantly industrial edge. Texture – most vitally gloss accents – against smooth mattes are a key point, as is skin that’s perfected as much by the preping as the makeup: a season for heavy, multi-layered bases this is not. And while instances abound of designers going for a simply honed, monochromatically pale face, it’s executing one clean, minimalist gesture on an otherwise nude skin that’s making pared-back aesthetics look most relevant now.…
“I’m wiping the foundation off the lids and cheekbones so that the natural skin stain comes through – it’s a deconstructed construction.”

Create this Look:
rawfined_277 Skin:
Foundation: Face & Body
Powder: White and Gold Pigment (ALL OVER FACE)

Liner: Powersurge Eye Kohl
Highlight: Pearl Cream Colour Base
Contour: Golden Lemon Pigment

Editor Note: Not exactly an everyday, all-natural look with the white and gold pigment on the entire face, is it? Are you willing to try this look or these methods at home?



Modern Bronze, precise application and Tan shades have been given an intelligent rethink this season. Think 70s in spirit: sculpted cheekbones in honey bufftones, lips lushed-up in caramel lacquer, monochromatic faces gently sunlit in skin-mimicking bronze tones with shadows and highlights in all the right places…it’s healthy, handsome and references all those Amazonian icons of Bruce Weber, Lauren Hutton, Jane Birkin and Talitha Getty… but in a believable, born-with-it way. Not to be confused with an over-perfected, seamlessly deep perma-tan, the modern way to wear bronze is monochromatically, satiny and very specifically placed. This is sunned, at its most specific…

“It’s about using one bronzer – definitely one without sparkle, like our new mineralize Bronzer – with three brushes! Take a 116 to contour the cheeks, a 224 tapered blending to shade the eye and a 219 pencil brush to line the eyes with a soft shadow near the lash line. Add a dash of lip balm and you’re good to go.”

Create this Look:

Foundation: Studio Moisture Fix SPF15
Concealer: Select Cover-Up

Brows: Clear Brow Set
Crease: M·A·C Pro Bronze Cream Colour Base, Black Black Chromographic Pencil smudged, Clear Gloss texture blended on lid
Liner: Black Black Chromographic Pencil in water line and smudged into eye lid
Mascara: Black Studio Fix Lash

Highlight: Lip Conditioner