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Cover Girl Contest Winner – Becki Fields!

I apologize for the unexpected absence from! I went on vacation thinking that I would have plenty of time to update the site, turns out I was so busy having fun traveling that I never got the chance! Then, I came down with an awful cold after returning to work (still coughing and sniffling!) and now I am just trying to sort everything out!
So, yes.. the Cover Girl contest ended on September 1st and I picked the winner, who is the lovely Becki Fields, 26, from Pensacola, Florida!!  Becki created a fierce smoky eye with a dark gray/black blended shadow with silvery glitter accents. This look would be amazing for New Year’s Eve parties, cocktail party nights, or just about any dressy occasion. I love it, and that’s why she’s the winner!

Check it out!

Step #1 :Fill in the Brows

Becki filled in her brows using my technique as described in my Brow Filling Tutorial, using a large brow pencil.

Step #2 : Eyeshadow Primer

Then, Becki used an eye primer by mineral makeup brand, Mica Bella Cosmetics, over her entire eyelid to the brow bone.

Step #3 : Apply Crease Color

Becki then applied a shimmery black Milani eyeshadow in Blackout to her crease and blending it with the Lancome #16 brush.

Step #4 : Fill in Lower Lid Color with Darkest Shade

She then used the Lancome Color Design eyeshadow single in Statuesque on her lower lid, blending the colors together from the crease up and out.

DSCF4235 DSCF4229

Step # 5 : Add Highlight to Brow Bone with the Lightest Shade

Next, Becki used Mica Bella Cosmetics shimmer powder in Arctic White as a highlight on her brow bone with a small, flat eyeshadow brush.


Step # 6 : Line with Darkest Shadow Under the Water Line

Becki used some type of natural hair liner brush to apply the Lancome Statuesque black shimmer shadow to the area under her water line.

DSCF4252 DSCF4254DSCF4259DSCF4262

Step #7 : Apply Eyeliner to your Water Line

Using a black eyeliner pencil, Becki lined her water line. (I recommend Urban Decay 24/7 pencil or MAC Chromaline Gel Liner for extra-staying power)


Step #8 : (Optional) Apply a Glitter Liner as an Accent

Becki likes to use the Victoria Secret Beauty Rush liquid eyeliner in Platinumania.


Step #9 : Line your Upper Lid with Liquid Liner

Becki used a black liquid liner and winged it out on the ends slightly.

Step #10 : Coat your Lashes with Mascara – Top & Bottom

Becki finished up her smoky eye look with two coats of Rimmel Glam Eyes mascara and Rimmel Lash Maxx on her bottom lashes.


Step #11 : Admire your Work!

There’s nothing wrong with taking a few minutes to check out and admire your hardwork! Becki did an AMAZING job with this tutorial and I am excited to try this look out myself.. along with breaking out some of those glitter liners I’ve had stashed away for ages.



Congrats again to Becki for creating this look for the Cover Girl Smoky Eye Contest.. soon, she’ll be receiving a $20 Wal-Mart gift card along with a stash of Cover Girl Cosmetics! Thanks again to Cover Girl for sponsoring this contest and allowing me the opportunity to let my readers show the world what they’ve got!

You don’t have to win a contest in order to post a tutorial to you can send one in anytime for review to krista at kristadior dot com.

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  1. Becki you did an awesome job!!! I knew u were good but dang. Im so proud. You need to start school for cosmetology soon. I love you sister

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