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Terrible Drugstore Makeup Products just posted their picks on what the 16 Worst Drugstore Makeup products are.. I thought I’d share and add my own comments! These products are ones which failed the hype.. epic fails need not land in your purse.
Maybelline Stiletto Mascara

#1 Maybelline Lash Stiletto Mascara :

See my review on this mascara here

Ok, so Maybelline Lash Stylist was the best mascara in the world (at least to me and thousands of other) and it was discontinued. Shortly thereafter, this Lash Stiletto mascara launched and was so highly disappointing that I cannot believe that this stuff continues to stay on the market. Read my review to see why!

Milani Loose Powder Foundation

#2 Milani Loose Powder Foundation

I really do like Milani eyeshadows and nail polish products.. I tried the pressed foundation powder, with high expectations, and it turned out to be terrible! This Milani Minerals Loose Makeup is basically in the same container that the Revlon ColorStay Minerals loose powder foundation was.. both are horrible! The staying power of mineral foundations are not what they boast it to be. Here is an article about why I think mineral foundation sucks!

Sally Hansen Line Smoothing Airbrush Primer

#3 Sally Hansen Line Smoothing Airbrush Primer

Umm.. I don’t like the idea of spraying something from a can on my face. Hairspray freaks me out enough (I had my fair share the 1990s with Aquanet) and since I’ve tried the MAC spray-on foundation with no luck, and other types of spray products that just didn’t impress me. If you are going to use a primer, don’t be lazy about it and spray it on, use something good like the Korres Face Primer, which is reputable and used by many great makeup artists. Check out the Airbrush Primer review on
Rimmel Recover Concealer

#4 Rimmel Recover Concealer

The price might be nice at $5.50 for this concealer, but is said to slip and slide all around your face with no staying power. I have never really liked Rimmel’s products (I gave the comb wand mascara a shot and I will not repurchase!) and I heard from friends that they love the brand. What gives? My new favorite concealer is the Laura Geller Real Deal Concealer from QVC. I will say that I did love the lip liner I purchased from Rimmel.. years ago. Click here to see the review of this concealer!

#5 L’Oreal Paris Micro Liner Ultra Fine Lining Pencil

Although I haven’t tried this pencil, I will say that I’ve had experience using L’Oreal pencils .. with no luck. Seems like the crayon doesn’t give off much color when applying, which is the case with a lot of drugstore eyeliners. I stick with my Urban Decay 24/7 Gel pencil liner and I know that works the best. If I want something a little more “smoky”, I’ll use my MAC Chromaline Cream Liner with my favorite liner brush and it stays all day! Click here to see the review for this L’Oreal liner.
CoverGirl Outlast Double LipShine

#6 CoverGirl Outlast Double LipShine

Once in a while I’ll have someone tell me that I need to use one of those “outlasting lip products” that you paint on, wait two minutes and it stays all day. I’ve tried several brands, and all seem to really irritate my lips and make them dry and cracked. I think the only one I could tolerate for more than 15 minutes was the MAC version. I tried this CoverGirl version myself and I could NOT get it off and yes, it was a bad thing! It started peeling and making a mess, but I had to use baby oil to remove it all the way. If you want a long-lasting lip color, it’s best to use a classic matte formula lipstick, pat with a tissue, then reapply. For events such as a wedding, you might be able to wing it with one of these outlasting lip colors, but I suggest trying out the MAC version first.
Physicians Formula Retro Glow Mascara

#7 Physicians Formula Retro Glow Ultra-Dramatic Mascara

I’m a total sucker for cute packaging, and when I first saw this mascara in the drugstore, I thought, “Oh, wow.. they sell Urban Decay here?” This product is a total rip off of Urban Decay’s retro packaging, and from what I am reading about it, it looks like the formula is too clumpy and too thick. See what people have to say about it here!

Thoughts? Experiences? Respond in a comment below!

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  1. I have to agree with the Lash Stiletto Mascara being not that great. I own the waterproof version. I’m not seeing any difference in length or shine. I have always noticed that my mascara doesn’t really do the job until I’m halfway through the product, It may just have to do with too much is on the wand. That is how i felt about my Maybelline Colossal mascara.

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