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5 More Days Until I Pick the Cover Girl Contest Winner!

OK.. I’m picking the winners for the Cover Girl contest.. but I have NO ENTRIES. Nada.. zip.. zilch.

How do I give all these lovely prizes away, including the $20 WalMart gift card? Ughh.. I don’t know!!! As I have stated in the prize rules before, there will be one random Facebook winner, so a prize WILL be given away for certain. If I receive no entries to the contest, I may have to extend it for another month. So… hurry and get them in!

To enter the Smoky Eye contest, please CLICK HERE to read the rules.

Christian Dior Fall 2010 Collection – Smoky Look

We all know how much I love Dior.. hmm!? So the Dior Fall 2010 collection is all about smoky eyes, purple shades, mystery & seduction. Since purple IS my favorite color, I’m super-stoked on the fall collections coming out. Nearly all skin tones can wear purple shades, so don’t be afraid to experiment with fall’s newest trend color. Continue Reading

Terrible Drugstore Makeup Products just posted their picks on what the 16 Worst Drugstore Makeup products are.. I thought I’d share and add my own comments! These products are ones which failed the hype.. epic fails need not land in your purse. #1 Maybelline Lash Stiletto Mascara : See my review on this mascara here Ok, so Maybelline… Continue Reading