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Burberry Cosmetics is NOW at Nordstrom!

It’s here! I’ve been waiting for Burberry cosmetics to arrive at Nordstrom for months now. I haven’t been in the store to try it out yet, but I’m sure somebody out there has! Please DO tell me if you love it or hate it! Everything LOOKS amazing.. but is it really? I hope it lives up to the hype.

Burberry Cosmetics LipstickBurberry ‘Lip Cover’ Soft Satin Lipstick: ($30) These 21 shades of moisturizing color are already receiving a couple rave reviews on
Burberry Cosmetics Lipgloss
Shades I’m excited to try: #08 Tea Rose, #03 Cameo Pink and #19 Brick Red.

Burberry ‘Lip Glow’ Natural Lip Gloss : ($27) The buzz on the web is that this creamy gloss formula is non-sticky and sheer.

12 shades to choose from, and the ones I can’t wait to try are: Tea Rose, Cameo Pink and Cameo.Burberry Lipliner

Burberry Lip Definer Shaping Pencil : ($27) This luxurious lip pencil features a soft and delicate texture made of natural waxes and vegetal oils to help soften the lips. Includes sharpener.
Burberry Powder Foundation
Burberry Sheer Luminous Compact Foundation : ($55) This foundation powder can be used dry for a sheer finish or damp for an intense coverage. Includes protective pouch.  I am always in the market for a new foundation powder, so I will definitely give this one a try. There are 9 shades in this collection.

Burberry Liquid FoundationBurberry Sheer Luminous Fluid Foundation : ($52 for 1 oz.) This liquid foundation is said to be very sheer and lightweight with a gelled structure. There are 9 shades of this formula, which all look to be light shades on the website. Very cute Burberry packaging for this product, but 1 oz is a small amount of foundation for the price.

Burberry EyeshadowBurberry Sheer Eyeshadow : ($29) 20 very natural and sheer eyeshadow shades which have been created to reflect the English countryside. Already getting rave reviews for being super-blendable and pretty, these shadows are on my “must-try” list!
Burberry MascaraBurberry ‘Effortless Mascara’ Volumising Enhancer : ($28) From –Formula: This gelled structure helps obtain an airy texture and improved color expression. Marine plant glycogen works like a natural lash extender, accelerating fiber growth and strengthening lashes.

Benefits: Fool-proof mascara for adjustable lash volume, from the most natural to the most sophisticated look. It combines thickening agents that coat each lash effortlessly along its entire length.
Burberry Eyeliner
Protection: Protective film forms on the lash surface, shielding against humidity, rain and extreme heat.

Burberry ‘Eye Definer’ Eye Shaping Pencil : ($27) This pencil features a long-wear and water-resistant formula and is safe to use in the inner rim area of the eye. Silicone waxes are used in the product to guarantee unfailing resistance to heat and humidity. Sounds impressive, right!?? It’s available in 5 shades, including plum and midnight blue.

Burberry ‘Light Glow’ Natural Blush: ($42)Burberry Blush 5 shades of cheek colors, ranging from peach, to nude to pink, providing a sheer and healthy glow. I am dying to try #03 Rose Blush (pictured on left) and Cameo Blush #02.
Burberry Bronzer
Burberry ‘Warm Glow’ Natural Bronzer : ($48) There are 4 shades of bronze in this collection, all sheer for a sun-kissed look. Fabric pouch included.

Burberry Kabuki Brush

Burberry Beauty Kabuki Brush : ($52) At first glance I knew this brush would be amazing. Although I haven’t tried it out myself, this is one of the most talked about items in the Burberry collection. Perfect for the bronzer, blush or powders, this is also a very compact brush that would make for easy travel.Burberry Pressed Powder

Burberry Sheer Luminous Pressed Powder : ($45) This sheer pressed powder is formulated to provide a shine-free complexion with ingredients like Wild Rose and a micro-fine texture. Includes fabric pouch.

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