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Guest Poster – Silk’n Sensepil Hair Removal Device

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The Silk’n Sensepil was listed on one of my beauty “wish list” posts and was found by a reader that provided me with more information about this latest hair removal device.

What Is The Silk’n Sensepil ?

The Silk’n Sensepil is the latest product that is launching its attack on the professional laser hair removal industry by offering a new and innovative way to experience highly effective hair removal results. The Sensepil is brought to us by a Israeli based company known as Silk’n and it is surprisingly effective despite it being a 100% fully in-home hair removal device.

How Does The Silk’n Sensepil Work ?

The Silk’n Sensepil works by using a new technology known as home pulsed light or HPL. With the Sensepil and this new HPL technology all you have to do is hold the the applicator against the desired area of your body and press a button. With that simple step you will create a flash of light that is known as a pulse. Once one area is pulsed you simply move on to the next until you have finished all desired areas of your body. The pulse area of the applicator is small but touted by Silk’n as the largest of it’s kind. For reference, each HPL cartridge lasts for roughly 750 pulses with Silk’n estimating that each cartridge should last for one full body treatment which is estimated to take 30 minutes.

How Effective Is The Silk’n Sensepil ?

HPL technology has been tested extensively and it has been shows to provide results that are comparable to that of professional laser hair removal treatments. In fact in clinical studies the Silk’n Sensepil was shown to reduce hair by nearly 50% for all body areas tested with just six treatments spread out of three months. Beyond the clinical studies actual users of the device have also given impressive Silk’n Sensepil reviews in regards to its effectiveness.

Is the Silk’n Sensepil Safe ?

The Sensepil’s highly sophisticated and innovative design make it quite possibly the safest home hair removal device on the planet. The Sensepil is extremely safe and as long as used as directed there isn’t anything to be concerned provided that you don’t have a dark skin ton. Unfortunately the Sensepil doesn’t work with dark skin tones and can cause painful burns and blisters on these darker skin tones. However the newest version of the Sensepil eliminates this safety concern because it comes with a ‘Skin Sensor’ that automatically detects safe skin tones and won’t pulse on tones that are to dark.

How Much Does The Silk’n Sensepil Cost ?

The Sensepil, at $500, is significantly less than professional laser hair removal treatments but still not cheap. In comparison to professional treatments that can cost $1500-$2000 it is a steal. However at the same time it’s still $500 and that doesn’t include Sensepil replacement cartridges. Despite it’s high price tag the Sensepil is an amazing deal when considering it’s effectiveness and the price for other comparatively effective options.

Who Can Use The Sensepil ?
The Sensepil home hair removal device can be used by both men and women alike. It’s only restrictions are its inability to work for anyone that has a naturally dark skin tone. If your skin is to dark use can cause blisters, burns, or skin discoloration. For more information you can see the Silk’n page tabbed “Is Silk For You?” to see if your skin tone will work with it.

Who Should Get The Silk’n Sensepil?

Anybody that is considering or already getting professional laser hair removal treatments should look into the Sensepil as an alternative. It provides comparable results at a fraction of the cost all while allowing you keep your privacy and save the time taken for doctors visits.

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  1. i love Silk’n Sensepil, it’s so easy to use and certainly worked for me and my back hair, my wife treated me 5 months and now i’m smooth as a baby. i’m so happy

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