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WEN by Chaz Dean – Cleansing Conditioner Review

WEN cleansing conditioner Aloe MintI haven’t seen a self-proclaimed “hair miracle” product in quite in while, not since the days of Lori Davis and her luscious blonde locks with Cher at her side as her product pimp.  If you remember those infomercials from the 90s, you will also remember that the product was expensive and “a TV-only exclusive” until it ended up in Target stores a few months later and is now nowhere to be seen.

I was recently told about this product, WEN Cleansing Conditioner, and was intrigued with the “no-soap” notion. My first thought was, “How in the world can you cleanse your hair without soap?” It’s possible, but it’s not for everybody.

I know that this product is shown on QVC, a channel that I stay far, far away from because I know I’ll be in the poor house once my eyes set on the deals of the day. I checked out the website which explains more about the product:

The WEN Cleansing Conditioner is a revolutionary new concept in cleansing your hair that has Hollywood buzzing! It’s special because it cleanses hair thoroughly but without lathering and all the harsh ingredients that may be found in ordinary shampoos — it is designed so it won’t strip your hair and scalp of their natural oils. Your hair is left with sheen, moisture, manageability and better color retention.

I am pretty skeptical of anything that comes from an infomercial or QVC .. even though I end up trying nearly everything I see off TV! I am blessed with an “As seen on TV” store at my local mall where I can go try out these strange and innovative products that are usually hit or miss. I ended up purchasing a single 16 oz bottle of the Cucumber Mint WEN conditioner on Ebay for $32.50 with free shipping. I know that on the WEN website you can purchase an entire set of products that include a styling creme, texture balm, etc. but I did not want all of those products, and I believe that you are also enrolled in a club where the products are delivered to your home every few months. I am not 100% certain that is the case, but I think that is why I ended up not buying the kit for $29.95.

Product Review:

  • The bottle itself is attractive and looks like a high-quality product. I don’t know about you guys, but I do care about the packaging quality of my shower products; both the durability and the aesthetics!
  • The scent of this product isn’t strong at all. I expected a strong minty scent, but instead it was a very dull scent, which is fine because I am looking for something that repairs hair, not something that smells good.
  • Since this product does NOT lather, it was a bit hard to work into my thick hair. My hair is bleached, it’s thick and long and also dry and damaged. My hair is thirsty, so it soaks up a lot of this product.  You will have to wet your hair for about two minutes to make sure it’s ready for the product application. I had to use a total of 20 pumps of this product.. yes.. 20 pumps! I use 10 pumps for the top of my hair and roots and 10 more pumps for the ends of my hair. You work it into your hair by massaging it into your scalp through to the ends of your hair for about 3 minutes. The mint starts to tingle and feel cold, for some people that might be a little uncomfortable, but there are a few different types of WEN to purchase that may not tingle like this.  There are tips and videos for those that want to see how to use the product: Click here!
  • After I have massaged my hair for 3 minutes, I rinse out the WEN conditioner as best as I can. My wet hair doesn’t exactly feel as conditioned as it does when I use my Bed Head Dumb Blonde reconstructor, but it feels healthy. The creator, Chaz Dean suggests using two pumps of WEN as a leave-in conditioner, which I have done every time I have used it, and I concentrate on the ends of my hair.
  • I normally let my hair air-dry, and I do notice that my hair isn’t as frizzy as it usually is when my hair dries. I will still have to heat-style my hair and use some type of leave-in protector.
  • The first time I used this product, I did not have to wash my hair for about 5 days. It felt very clean for that amount of time. Keep in mind that I did not use hair spray, gel, or any type of styling product on my hair, so that may have been a huge factor as to why I did not need to cleanse my hair.
  • After using this product for about two weeks, I noticed a heavy, greasy build-up in my hair and I really felt as if I needed to wash my hair with my usual shampoo, Bed Head Dumb Blonde. It felt REALLY nice to wash my hair with a lathering shampoo after not using it for a while.
  • The only time I cannot use this conditioner is to rinse out the bleach and toning products that I use in my hair every few weeks. Since I have to touch up my roots every few weeks, I need to use strong bleach. I do not trust a cleansing conditioner to remove all of the chemicals from my hair and scalp. I also tone my hair with peroxide and platinum blonde toner every few weeks in between bleachings, so it’s almost a product that someone like me cannot use all the time.
  • Before and After photos of clients who use WEN

Final Thoughts about WEN

Although this product is a great concept, I don’t think it’s something I can use regularly due to the fact that I need something lathering to rinse out products I use for chemical processing. I do agree that this product would be great for someone who wants to maintain red hair or temporarily dyed hair (like pink or blue hair), non-processed hair, or hair that only needs a touch-up once per month. I think there are a lot of people who feel it is mentally satisfying to use a lathering product to feel like their hair is being cleansed. I will continue to use the product to see if my hair improves texture. I still feel as if I need a stronger conditioner treatment since my hair is severely delicate.

If anyone has tried this product and has comments, please leave them below. Thanks!!

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3 Responses to WEN by Chaz Dean – Cleansing Conditioner Review

  1. i tried WEN because i have really thick wavy/curly hair that is pretty dry. the first time i used it i was SO excited, it smelled awesome, and felt really good in my hair. after the first time i used it my hair looked awesome, it was really shiny and the curls looked great-not dry and puffy. but the same thing happened to me that you described.
    my hair got SOO greasy and smelled like dirty hair. it was really gross, washing it with actual shampoo was pretty much the most satisfying thing after using this product for a couple weeks.
    you can’t use conditioner to clean your hair- i mean that’s completely counterintuitive anyway. the ads are right in saying shampoo is damaging etc but aim for a middle ground… use a sulfate free shampoo, some shampoos don’t lather either, but they clean your hair. wen is straight-up conditioner. nothing else.

    • Hi there! Yes, I talked to a few others who were dying to try WEN and wouldn’t take my advice about just using a sulfate-free shampoo and clarifying shampoo a few days per week. Although my hair is dyed red, I still have to use the clarifying shampoo because of my micro-link extensions. I ended up creating my own colored conditioner to help maintain my color and it works miracles. I use the Manic Panic, Punky Color or Special FX dyes and add a little bit to a bottle of conditioner (I use a different bottle than what my conditioner comes in originally) mix it up good, and then put it on liberally, put on a shower cap and maybe do something else in the shower like shave my legs while I wait for the conditioner to do its thing. I rinse it out and my hair color is refreshed instantly! I’m going to try doing this with a yellow dye to see if it brings out golden tones in my hair.

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