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A big shout out to!

The weather around here has been very summer-esque and my feet needed some temperature relief via a new pair of sandals! I have many issues when shopping for shoes, namely, the size of my monstrous feet. Size 11,  sometimes wide. None of the shoe sales associates can tell that my foot is so large until they start pushing the shoe onto my feet with both hands. The only places I’ve been able to find shoes is TJ Maxx in the clearance section, Payless , Target and Norsdstrom when they can special order my size.  The quality and look of the shoe is obviously important and in most cases, the bigger the shoe, the uglier the style I encounter.

Last year, I bought a nice pair of Mary Jane’s from a Clark’s brand called Privo! I love the shoes and they were available in a size 11. They still look brand new, even after daily wear. I decided to get a pair of sandals from the same brand and I used to purchase. The sandals were shipped to my office for FREE and the next day! Wow.. I’ve never seen that before.

I opened the box and tried them on right at my desk.. oops.. too small for sure. The strap across the top of the shoe was way too tight. I was pissed. I was able to box them right back up and print a shipping return label off of I ran downstairs to the mail room and sent them right back! If you opt to receive store credit, then you will receive the next day shipping perk. I immediately found a new pair of sandals on again and didn’t want to wait for my store credit to post to my account (the site said there was only 1 pair left in my size!) so I called Zappos directly and spoke to a very nice woman who said she could give me a refund back to the PayPal account I used and then order / ship the new pair of sandals directly out to me STILL giving me the next-day delivery option! So, I’ll get my money back on Monday from PayPal AND the new sandals. Holy crap!

I bought the SoftWalk brand shoes in style Roseto. I wanted something not too dorky, too grandma, too high, too low, too dressy or too gladiator. I think I did okay with these.

Softwalk Roseto

What is also cool about Zappos is that they have video descriptions of select shoe styles which actually show the shoes on someone’s feet! I felt that was helpful.

So, Zappos..hooray for you! You made a shoe diva happy. I am still crossing my fingers in hopes that the new sandals will fit. I’ll have to come back and let ya know. =)

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